Rolling Stones – From The Vault: No Security San Jose ’99

Yup, this is what I got with my (replaced) $25 Father’s Day Sunrise gift card. STONES!

Deke’s suggestion made me do it. Thanks Deke!

This set is 2CD of the full show. It’s also got the DVD of the full show! VALUE!

The setlist is classic, of course (same order and track totals on CDs and DVD). Seriously, it’s embarassing how many songs they have from which they can choose, all of them fan faves. Check it:

CD1: Jumpin’ Jack Flash / Bitch / You Got Me Rockin’ / Respectable / Honky Tonk Women / I Got The Blues / Saint Of Me / Some Girls / Paint It, Black / You Got The Silver / Before They Make Me Run

CD2: Out Of Control / Route 66 / Get Off Of My Cloud / Midnight Rambler / Tumbling Dice / It’s Only Rock ’N Roll (But I Like It) / Start Me Up / Brown Sugar / Sympathy For The Devil

You can also go through and see all the ones they didn’t play that night… missing are Satisfaction, 19th Nervous Breakdown, Under My Thumb, Ruby Tuesday, Gimme Shelter, Street Fighting Man, Wild Horses, Angie, Miss You, Beast Of Burden, Mixed Emotions, Love Is Strong… and oh I could go on, and these are not complaints. Just pointing out they could have played for five friggin’ hours and STILL not played half the hits.

Some thoughts (of many):

Take your Gravol before watching the DVD. Ye gods, it’s like watching those horrible Bourne movies with the shaky cam and quick cuts. By the time you get focussed on what’s on screen, it’s gone and you have to re-focus and then that’s gone too… 

I think Mick used ALL Of his stage move arsenal in the opening track, Jumpin’ Jack Flash. That was an aerobic workout right there, all the moves in under five minutes. Haha shake that moneymaker, Mick baby!

I’m not sure what Mick was mumbling in You Got Me Rockin’, but it sure wasn’t “rockin,” more like “you got me rawghbrghlgb.” Haha whut.

Keith, of course, pull out all his moves and played pirate all night. Ronnie (the new guy) smiles like he’s got the greatest job in the world (he does). Charlie is implaccable as ever, and as metronomic now as he was 50 years ago. Friggin’ hero of mine, man. Darryl Jones unobtrusively lays down bass perfection. Chuck Leavell owns the keys (check Respectable, Honky Tonk Women, I Got The Blues, and, well, every tune, dammit), and Bernard Fowler and the ever-gorgeous Lisa Fischer own the backing vocals. Lisa slinky dances in a tight black dress and flirts with Mick. Ah, that’s livin’. 

Keith’s piano additions in Honky Tonk Women were a pleasant surprise, and his bluesy You Got The Silver slays. I loved that they did the soul-dancin’ walk down a gangway to a small stage mid-crowd for a rip through the old Route 66, Get Off My Cloud and Midnight Rambler. It turned it into a club gig. And the soul revue run-through of I Got The Blues was lovely…

Ach, there are many highlights. The DVD is fun (if nauseating to watch, motion-wise), and the CDs are fuckin’ great in the car. 

In Sum:

Frickin’ fantastic. There’s a sense of occasion when these guys play, not something a lot of bands manage to generate in quite the same way. It’s special, and you know it. There’s also something timeless about these guys. I’m sitting here watching and forgetting that this set was recorded 19 years ago. It could’ve been yesterday. Whatever the case, this set is definitely worth the wait for that damn gift card, I gotta say. Greatness captured!

16 thoughts on “Rolling Stones – From The Vault: No Security San Jose ’99

  1. stephen1001 says:

    It’s sort of like a Canadian Olympic Hockey team (when the NHL participates) – a 2nd Canadian team would still be amazing.
    The Stones could easily fill a 2nd show with gems!


  2. uncleb13 says:

    Haven’t watched the video of this yet, but have immensely enjoyed the two discs of audio several times already! The Stones of ‘99 still sound rough and tumble. Super surprising from a group that I thought was slipping into Vegas-style live pomp by this time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yes! The CDs are awesome. It’s definitely still rough and tumble, planned to an nth degree yet still somehow it could crash and burn in an instant… I love that edge.


  3. deKE says:

    Yeah it does sound awesome in the ear! The audio is so well mixed! Love the guitar cord buzzing at the end of Paint it Black and Keef tells Ronnie to settle down and than laughs…
    Glad they left it all in…
    Nice to see a Stones live show with no same ol same ol!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. keepsmealive says:

      The Stones are at their best when they remember their club roots and just get down to some bluesy rockin’. This set has that for sure, yet still pleases the bigger stage/crowd. A fine balance, especially when the wheels could fall off any moment (yet rarely do)!

      Liked by 1 person

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