More Queen Adventures

Mike and I were in Taranna yesterday. Wahoo!

Now, I already had yesterday’s Stones post done and ready to post for yesterday, but I wouldn’t have had anything ready for today… so I’ll update a story instead…

This one’s for fans of Good Omens, the epic Neil Gaiman / Terry Pratchett masterpiece of hilarity. As you’ll all know from that text, once any album is left in the car long enough, it will turn itself into a Greatest Hits Of Queen. True story.

Anyway, a year ago this month, I posted this:

We were jamming a hits of Queen in the car and the kids loved the lines “She’s a Killer Queen / Gunpowder, gelatine / Dynamite with a laser beam / Guaranteed to blow your mind / Anytime.”

They made up all kinds of ideas about what it could possibly mean to be dynamite with a laser beam. The laughter in the backseat was beautiful.

Well, we had occasion to be in the car today, and the Hits of Queen was back on, and this time they had a blast llistening to Fat Bottom Girls. It was fun watching them memorize the chorus…

And then, the next song is Bicycle Race. And in that song, my son’s sharp ears picked out “Bicycle races are coming your way / So forget all your duties oh yeah! / Fat bottomed girls they’ll be riding today / So look out for those beauties oh yeah…” He commented immediately the carry-over from the previous song.

Well-played, makers of Queen’s Greatest Hits! And well-heard, my boy!

18 thoughts on “More Queen Adventures

  1. BuriedOnMars says:

    Oh yeah, It is a requirement to play Fat Bottom Girls and Bicycle Race back to back!

    A college buddy of mine hated Bicycle Race because Freddie sings that he doesn’t like Star Wars. I tried to explain to him that Freddie was actually paying the film a compliment but I got no where, lol.


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