Birthday Party – Hits

Alright, let’s get into my Sonic Boom finds from the Toasty Taranna excursion with Mike!

First up: Well, here’s where I lose a bunch of cred… this is a band I haven’t really explored, until this disc. I know, I know, it’s Nick Cave and I love his work. And I know, I know, Rollins (ROLLINS!) raved all the time about this band, but somehow I never got to them. Better late than never!

Toasty Taranna #17: Sonic Boom #1: Birthday Party – Hits

This 20-track disc is one helluva introduction to this amazing group. And it was good timing for me to hear it, having (not long ago) read the Reinhold Kleist graphic novel about Cave.

Honestly, the music is freaky AWESOME. It’s art rock poetry slam funky rock jazzbo punk brilliance, with occasional Tom Waits-ish howls and an overriding inimitable style all its own. It’s easy to focus on Cave, of course, but for me what stood out too was the work of bass player Tracy Pew throughout this set. Hot damn!

Every track was awesome. Reccomended fully to you all!


Hit It Or Quit It? Massive HIT!

12 thoughts on “Birthday Party – Hits

  1. J. says:

    You’re certainly not alone, fella; I haven’t really explored Birthday Party too much either. I always figured there was no rush… I’ll get to it. Anyhoo, this sounds like a good value for money set.


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