Trews – Civilianaires

Unaware that this had already dropped on September 14, I snapped it up in a hurry! Y’all know I am a huge Trews fan, and have already covered all of their other albums (in series). And guess what… this album rocks! It’s true Trews, rockin’ with class and big volume, soulfully covering ballads, mid-tempo glory, and full-on rockers too. This is 13 tracks of cool, blending and shifting and beautifully hitting hard. GET YOU SOME!

PS: Also, I thank them for The New US: “Earlier this spring the band released, “The New US”, the first track from Civilianaires. Viewed through the lens of our current political climate, the band describes “The New US” as “a call-to-arms for us all to try and cut through the static, noise, clutter and b.s. of the insane times that we find ourselves living in and hopefully seek out a little truth for ourselves in the process…or at least give you something to head bang along to in frustration in the meantime.”” (spillmagazine)

The timing’s perfect.

10 thoughts on “Trews – Civilianaires

  1. J. says:

    Nice. I love it when I find an album that I wasn’t aware dropped / dropped already. That’s always a nice treat. Glad it’s ticked all the boxes for you!


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