Sloan – Don’t You Believe A Word

Toasty Taranna #27: Sonic Boom #11: Sloan Don’t You Believe A Word

Well here’s a no-brainer purchase for Aaron! SLOOOO-OOOOAAAAAN!! This 3-track UK single has some fun stuff on it. First up is the title track, off the mighty 2000 album Between The Bridges. It’s breezy, full of that sweet 70s rockin’ harmonizing, and just damn glorious. I love how restless all the instruments are – throw on the good headphones and try it.

The other two tracks were both b-sides for Between The Bridges, appearing on the Japanese release of BTB and this UK single. Much later, they also appeared on the B-Sides Win compilation. Anyway, Summer’s My Season is a slow, organ-lead ballad, and At The Edge Of The Scene is a jangly full-on Sloan rocker with definite 60s fun leanings.


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