Guided By Voices Rig Rundowns

Y’all know I love me some Guided By Voices. True, I don’t often review them here… probably because there’s so much of it (they have over 100 albums now, plus all the side projects, EPs, 7″… it’s endless, really), and honestly I don’t know how much anyone else would care about all that stuff. OK, so I know a couple of you might, but by and large I tend to think of them as ‘my band’ so I spare you all my wahooing about a band you likely don’t listen to and that’s cool.

However, I was flipping through Premier Guitar magazine recently, and they have a monthly feature wherein they catch up with a band on tour and talk to them about their gigging gear (it’s called Rig Rundowns). For this particular issue, it was GBV! I thought this was brilliant, and I especially loved seeing Doug Gillard’s stuff. He’s one of my biggest guitar heroes.

You can also watch the whole video meet-up RIGHT HERE!

These are the machines that power the current touring line-up of one of my all-time favourite bands!

4 thoughts on “Guided By Voices Rig Rundowns

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Probably, Geoff! In the decades they’ve been at this, and over the countless releases they’ve thrown out here amongst us, yeah, there are some dogs. Though I tend to find it’s a track here or there, not a whole album comes to mind as a Quit…

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