Death – The Sound Of Perseverance

A Taranna find that has a story attached…

I bought this CD/DVD set for $7.99. Score! When I got it home, the CD was there, but the DVD was a DVD-r! I checked Discogs to see if this was how they all were – nope. So I called Sonic Boom, spoke with Joel, told him the story. He was shocked! He’d never heard of this happening – they definitely do not sell DVD-r like that! As I live 3 hours away, I couldn’t just pop by for refund/exchange, but I could get an email money refund, or just hang onto it and bring it in next trip (I figured that’d be October).

As it happened, we were back in Taranna before September ended (my lovely wife and I were in the city for some us-time for our wedding anniversary). And Joel was on the desk when we happened into the shoppe. He just gave me the cash for it, still shaking his head about the copied disc. Even better, I got to keep the CD – as I explained, if I’d done the email transfer they wouldn’t have gotten the album back anyway. Cool beans!

Full shout-out to Joel at Sonic Boom for helping a brother out, and for making the situation right!

As for the album itself, it kills! Death’s last album, there’s no indication here that this is a band in its, er, Death throes. The music is amazing, the vocals are on point, and it’s heavy as hell. In other words, it’s a fucking Death album. There’s one “softer” track (Voice Of The Soul is an instrumental that features -gasp!- acoustic guitars), and there’s a kick-ass cover of Judas Priest’s Painkiller.

I haven’t played the DVD-r. Funny to say, it seems sacriligious to do so. If I see another copy that has an actual DVD in it, I’ll snag it for sure.

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9 thoughts on “Death – The Sound Of Perseverance

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yup he made it right. I have occasionally run into staff in there who just don’t care, or who are more interested in talking at co-workers about their own band, but then there are most other times (like this time, with Joel) when I hit great people doing things right.

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