Charlie Watts Quintet – A Tribute To Charlie Parker (With Strings)

A final Taranna score from this trip, and probably my biggest score of them all!

I do love jazz. And I love Charlie Watts’ drumming (with the Stones and on his solo records). The man’s a damn metronome, and he plays with so much feel and sensitivity, he’s absolutely one of my all-timer drummers. Even in a rock music setting, the man swings. And here, in a full-on jazz quintet, he’s right at home through this stellar list of Parker/related tunes.

And his quintet… oh dear Readers, his quintet is absolutely amazing, every single player nailing it completely, track after track after track…

Am I gushing? It’s fully-deserved! This live set from Ronnie Scott’s is a must-have for any fan of Parker, Watts, or jazz in general.



The Quintet:

Peter King – alto saxophone
Gerard Presencer – trumpet
Brian Lemon – piano
Bernard Fowler – vocals
Charlie Watts – drums


Intro / Practicing, Practicing, Just Great / Black Bird, White Chicks / Bluebird / Bound For New York / Terra De Pajaro / Bad Seeds – Rye Drinks / Relaxing At Camarillo / Going, Going, Going, Gone / Just Friends / Cool Blues / Dancing In The Dark / Dewey’s Square / Rocker / Lover Man / Perdido


To top it off, here’s an Amazon review with which I couldn’t agree more:

M. Bromberg
5.0 out of 5 starsRates an extra star for including “From One Charlie” set
September 1, 2004 Published on

This is a beautifully-produced live club date with the Charlie Watts Quintet (Peter King on alto sax) and an eight-member string section that emphasizes Parker’s romantic mood. The first set includes all of 1991’s “From One Charlie” pieces that are now unavailable elsewhere. There are warm and intimate takes of songs associated with Bird — “Cool Blues,” “Dewey’s Square,” Gerry Mulligan’s “Rocker” — and Bernard Fowler contributes a vocal to “Lover Man.” The settings may be a bit lush for listeners wanting more adventurous material (a criticism even of Bird’s own recordings with strings). But the project is a terrific gesture of respect on Watts’ part for one of his musical heroes, and he’s got a career ahead of him should he decide to ever give up that day job!

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