Overlooked Grail List Score!

During our last (most recent) Taranna trip, I scored this brilliant 2cd tribute to Neil Young. It’s chock full of cool stuff, just like the first volume one was (I have that too). Lovely!

When I went to the Grail List to update it for the Last Pogo DVD that I also found (wahoo!), I realized that this Borrowed Tunes II set was also on the list!

Double Taranna Grail List Score!!


NB: The list is now updated with these two items removed. Awesomeness.

21 thoughts on “Overlooked Grail List Score!

  1. boppinsblog says:

    I have that Borrowed Tunes 2. Awesome. In fact I just saw it yesterday at Mike’s old store. Glad you got it.

    I really want the first Borrowed Tunes. So I guess that is a Grail List for me. One of many but a start.


        1. keepsmealive says:

          Right on! Grail List items are those ones you want badly but never see in the wild, and online prices are silly and so maybe one of us can find it for you in our towns!


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