Warlocks – Heavy Deavy Skull Lover

Another Taranna December score…


Bought this one on spec for the album title, the track listing titles*, and the splendid cover art. I mean, come on. How could I leave it!?

I read that, for this album, they pared down the line up from eight to four players, which (reportedly) sped up their usually long recording process down to a matter of weeks. Having never heard their other work, all I can say is this move created beauty, and a dichotomous album. It’s stoner-rock music done right, yes, it’s drone and buzz and yet still focussed and full of power. It also has many moments that feel more shoegaze, like My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth met up to jam… You want a psychedelic jam session that vascilates between heavy crashing and sweet pop droning, occasionally in the same tune? Get you some Heavy Deavy Skull Lover! An odd listen, but ultimately rewarding. Future spins will reveal layers, I know it.


* Track listing:
1″The Valley of Death”
2″Moving Mountains”
3″So Paranoid”
4″Slip Beneath”
5″Zombie Like Lovers”
6″Dreamless Days”
7″Interlude in Reverse”
8″Death, I Hear You Walking”

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