Lee Ranaldo with Dave Dyment – New Life After Fire (for Tom Thompson)

Another Taranna December grab…


I already covered this odd duck RIGHT HERE, BACK IN 2010. I’d sold it off at some point, figuring I was never gonna listen to it again. But when I saw it again in the wild (a rare occurrence, as it was a limited edition), the collector part of my brain took over and I grabbed it up just because. Now, I’m sure I had reasons, like ‘hey it’s the Sonic Youth guy and that’s cool, ‘and ‘hey it’s likely only a few copies are out there, better rescue this one,’ and ‘when am I ever gonna see this again?’ etc etc. Completely forgetting, of course, that I had one and sold it. Sigh. Such is how my collector brain works.

Anyway, played it again. I pretty much agree with my past self (see link, above). Onward!


UPDATE: Turns out, this is the last of the Taranna December stuff. Thanks for Reading!

2 thoughts on “Lee Ranaldo with Dave Dyment – New Life After Fire (for Tom Thompson)

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Entire catalogue on your phone? Jeez! That’s amazing!

      I carry a .txt file list of everything I have on my phone, just to make sure I don’t get to the city and see something and wonder if I have it and then buy it anyway just in case and then get home and find out I did actually already have it and hooboy I’ve done that a lot. That list is a lifesaver.

      But for collectible things like that, it’s weird. I mean, I probably won’t ever listen to it again. What the hell was I doing buying it? I thought little enough of it to sell it off once already, so why is it any different now? Gah.

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