Styx – The Mission

Huge THANKS to brother Mike Lebrain for sending me this kickin’ Styx album! 

I like Styx. We grew up listening to the Dennis DeYoung stuff, of course, but I also grew up listening to A LOT of Gowan, so hearing Gowan perform with the other vocalists and the band Styx is the best of two worlds for me.

Overall, this concept album (about a mission to Mars in 2033 – prog rock in 2017! ) can be summed up by the word EPIC. The songs are huge, the production is huge, and you can just tell that a lot of thought and care went into every moment.

I loved Gone Gone Gone. I could play that full-tilt song anytime, anywhere. Hot damn. Hundred Million Miles From Home rocks and swings at the same time, Radio Silence is a full-on big rock mid-tempo beauty, The Greater Good is a beautiful huge ballad… ah hell, I don’t need to mention every song. Lemme sum it up like this: It’s a Styx album. It rocks, it’s beautiful, it’s powerful, it’s solid throughout. It stands on incredibly strong songs, cool ideas, and excellent music. 

Damn, this thing is fantastic. Two thumbs way, way up.

Thanks heaps, brother Mike!

8 thoughts on “Styx – The Mission

  1. deKE says:

    Yup this is indeed a great album!
    The Mission was in my Top 4 for 2017 that year…
    Hundred Million Miles From Home oozes Greatness…


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