Max The Axe – Status Electric

HUGE thanks to Brother Mike Lebrain Ladano for making sure a copy of this slab of rawk found its way into my hands!

Speaking of Mike, you gotta go read HIS REVIEW OF THIS ALBUM. Go go go!

And what did I think of it? It fuckin’ rocked! This is full-on, unabashed, real rockin’. The influences are many, all metal and rock bands (and punk too). I’ll leave you to discover them on your own when you get this for yourself, which I know you will.

The feel is what slays me every time I jam this album. It feels like I’ve discovered some late-70s rock band from KISS’ label, some unheard gem brought into the future to invigorate and educate us all on how it’s supposed to be done. Even better for us all, it’s new music from this year, so this album stands as indicator that the spirit of rock is very, very alive and very, very well in the here and the now.

It has power. It has groove. It has balls. It’s tons of fun, track after track.

As they say in Gods On The Radio, “you gotta turn it up LOUDER!!!” Amen, brothers. A-fuckin’-men!


10 thoughts on “Max The Axe – Status Electric

    1. keepsmealive says:

      I definitely heard early punk in there, along with the rawk and the metal, but the best part is it isn’t slavish to the forms, it just lives and breathes the influences into their own sound and it’s a ton of fun! Thanks for passing this along to MAX, I hope they dig it as much as I dug the record.


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