Sax Solos (At Work)

NB: I would like to begin this post by saying I’m pretty damn proud of myself for figuring out how to post links to Youtube videos that only contain the wee sections of the songs you’re meant to hear (not the whole song). What a time-saver. I am a tech wizard!


I’ve been paying attention to the music at work, and noticing some pretty great solos in some of the songs. The world is full of great solo turns, of course, but these are just a few of those that have caught my ear as they emanate from the in-house system:


Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar (RIP Bobby Keys)

Spandau Ballet – True (OMG everything about this is so painfully 80s)

Huey Lewis and the News – The Heart Of Rock ’N Roll (I had to include the “Johnny! Ow!”)

Billy Joel – New York State Of Mind (returning here after also appearing in the piano solo post! I do love this song)


20 thoughts on “Sax Solos (At Work)

  1. cincinnatibabyhead says:

    CB is a card carrying Sax freak. Can make shit sound good. Yeah Bobby Keys is good on the Stones cut. So is Sonny Rollins on ‘Waiting For A Friend’. An all time fave. The solo on Joels song is perfect. I know these are random on your part which is cool.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yup totally random. I dig the sax. Some of my best friends were sax players (I doubt they still play, alas). Anyway, I still gravitate towards the trumpets, but that’s because I was one of the crazies in the back row waiting for that fff so we could blow up the room with volume heh heh heh…

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            1. keepsmealive says:

              It’s actually really good! When I was a manager, that’s how I did it – train the people, then trust them to do the thing and leave them alone. Be there when they need help. I always thought a manager that hovered and made a nuisance of themselves didn’t have enough to do in their own job.


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