Manipulant – Melted Roses, Invisible (Three Mile Island Mix)

Hey folks, I lost track of days and meant to get this posted for February 1st (apologies, good sir!), because that was the day this exclusive new Manipulant single (remixed) was released into the wild!

And the track? It’s all jagged edges and guitar stabs with electronic accoutrements while the drums pound away and the vocals growl and rasp like Tom Waits beside it all. Hypnotic goodness!

The lyrics, slightly tricky to decipher, are thus:

Spent a month on this bouquet – Paper roses for today 
I borrowed a suit, stole my pops new shoes. 
I’d do anything for you. 
Late to the train, I set off on foot through the rain. 
And the rain melted my roses. 
Tattered suit, muddy shoes, melted roses 
And still invisible to you

This single is released now, prior to the (upcoming) February 14 release of Sundries and Souvenirs, a retrospective of the past couple of years of Manipulant’s work. Mark your calendars!

Get yourself to Manipulant:

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