Slipknot – 9.0 Live

I’ve already covered this incendiary 2CD live set waaaay back in 2006, which means very early days for the KMA (we started the blog in October, 2006). Anyway, I raved about it then, and I’ll rave about it now. If you want to strip paint, destroy free-standing buildings, and scare ALL your neighbours, blast this fucking masterpiece at full volume every chance you get. YES.

Fun Story: One year for Christmas, my mom said all she wanted as a gift was a CD of the greatest hits of Shania Twain. My sister said that was my department. I refused, I mean, spend money for Shania? Haha no. My sister said “Have you seen the size of your head? Buy mom the damn CD.” Fair point. So, I bought the CD, but I also bought this Slipknot live set for myself at the same time. My reasoning was that, by buying Slipknot at the same time as Shania, I would not only maintain balance in the Universe, but I could cleanse my own misgivings about buying Shania at the same time. Haha merry Christmas, Mom. 

15 thoughts on “Slipknot – 9.0 Live

    1. keepsmealive says:

      It’s a truly demolishing effort, for sure. Best played at top volume, of course! Given the footage I’ve seen online of Slipknot in concert, perhaps missing the show saved yourself injury! 😉


  1. stephen1001 says:

    If you used a loyalty card buying the 2 cds, you would give the marketing department some interesting consumer information with that transaction. So this guy digs slipknot and shania, how do we possibly target him more effectively?!


  2. 2loud2oldmusic says:

    I love old Shania…I will admit it (Mutt Lange music). I even took my wife to see her in concert some time in the last few years. Shania touched my hand during the show and I haven’t washed it since!! (ha, ha).


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