Manipulant – Sundries And Souvenir

Folks! Manipulant is back! Today, February 14, 2019, sees the release of a retrospective of the past couple of years of Manipulant’s work, along with one new song, too!

I’ve been privileged to have a copy of this release here in the KMA Eastern offices for a wee while in advance of the release, and I must say it is amazing to have so much great music in one place. I wondered how the tracks would sound, taken out of context of the original releases, but I needed haven’t worried as it all flows beautifully. Top to bottom this collection showcases the energy and strong, highly creative work of Manipulant in full stride. 

As an added bonus, there’s one new track here,  Melted Roses, Invisible, which happily pops along on a buzzy bassline over busy drums and occasional guitar stabs and a Tom Waits-ish vocal bit. When he says “…anything for you” over and over again, it has weight!

Here’s the track list:

01 SandS
02 Run (f. Stoneygate)
03 Shiveresque
04 Doctor, I Need Your Expertise (f. Dr. Terenzi)
05 Electric Cigarette (Secondhand Mix)
06 Melted Roses, Invisible
07 Methodical
08 The Organist
09 What Good Are The Stars (Alternate Vocal Mix) (f. Jennifer Doll)
10 N/A/B/C/F
11 A Fresh Perspective

And dont forget the Three Mile Island remixed version Of Melted Roses, Invisible released seperately on February 1!

Currently, my favourite way to jam through these tracks is through the good headphones, so I don’t miss any of the subtleties in the music. But I can attest that it also plays GREAT in the car!

For those of you looking to dip your toes into the worlds of Manipulant, this collection is a great taster for you, though I do know you’re going to want to get the rest of his releases after you hear all this!


Newbury, UK:

Lancaster, Pennsylvania artist Manipulant is set to issue the retrospective Sundries & Souvenir, featuring songs from 2016-18 plus one newly recorded track on UK label Submarine Broadcasting Company. The Valentine’s Day release (14/02/2019) will be available in 8-track tape, vinyl record, cassette tape, compact disc and digital formats. 

Hypnotic rhythms drive the hybrid electro/industrial post-punk sound influenced by Brian Eno, Tom Waits and The Fall. Featured guest artists include renowned astrophysicist, Dr. Fiorella Terenzi, on “Doctor, I Need Your Expertise”, Jenn Doll on “What Good Are the Stars?”, and Stoneygate on “Run”.

Look for Sundries & Souvenir on  

To find out more about Manipulant visit or email


Sundries & Souvenir: 02/14/19 Submarine Broadcasting Company
The Stars are Good… What?: 08/03/18 Submarine Broadcasting Company
What Good are the Stars? Maxi-Single: 07/06/18 Submarine Broadcasting Company
Perspective ep: 04/26/18 Submarine Broadcasting Company
2xthru Single: 10/13/17 (self- released)
Eclectro: 6/20/17 (self- released)
Méthode de Narration: 09/13/16 (self- released)

Get yourself to Manipulant:

Manipulant Home
Submarine Broadcasting Company

4 thoughts on “Manipulant – Sundries And Souvenir

    1. keepsmealive says:

      The pleasure is truly all mine. Thank YOU for sharing your tunes and for letting me help you get the info out to as many folks as I can via our wee corner of the internets!


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