Pat Metheny – Rarum IX: Selected Recordings

Containing tunes Metheny selected himself, this compilation marked his departure from ECM for Geffen. It may seem short, at 9 tracks, but even that is still 72 minutes total. And it’s still more than enough to whet the appetite. Call it a hits set, hell, call it what you want, but this is a beautiful collection of early Metheny. Oh baby. 



Tracks: Bright Size Life / Phase Dance^ / New Chautauqua / Airstream^ / Everyday (I Thank You) / It’s For You* / Are You Going With Me?^ / The First Circle^ / Lonely Woman~

^ w. Pat Metheney Group
* w. Lyle Mays
~ w. Charlie Haden & Billy Higgins).

9 thoughts on “Pat Metheny – Rarum IX: Selected Recordings

  1. Vinyl Connection says:

    The rarum series, like the Works series that came before it, are brilliantly curated intros to the ECM catalogue. If you don’t have the John Surman one and ever see it, grab it Aaron!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Wait, I think you’re saying if I find it, I should get it for me? Did I read that correctly? ‘Cos I was just looking and our Amazon and Discogs both have it for about $20 so it can’t be that rare…

      Liked by 1 person

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