Pat Metheny Group – The Way Up

This album won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Album in 2005. It’s all one track, though on my CD copy it’s split into four tracks (titled Opening, then Track One, Track Two and Track Three) for navigation purposes. Do you like Pat Metheny Group, with Lyle Mays on keys? Do you like jazzy improvisation and solos? Do you like brilliant musicianship on an untouchable level? Do you like to just drift away on an album and let it carry you for 67:27? You need this beauty!

4 thoughts on “Pat Metheny Group – The Way Up

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Definitely wait til you feel ready for it. Let it come to you. If you try to force it, you might get put off the idea and wait a long time before coming back. Lots of GREAT stuff out there, I’m sure the Community would be happy to offer up suggestions for starting points when you’re ready!

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