Cream – The Very Best Of Cream

Of course, I don’t really need to say much here except awesome and holy mackerel these guys were great, and they had so many big songs! This 20-track UK import mix walks through their wonkier early stuff and rolls right on through the tunes you know best. For a band that only had four albums, there’s a ton of great stuff! You’ll also find covers, like Spoonful and a smokin’ live* version of Crossroads. It’s a mighty fine 1CD introduction/refresher of this psychedelic blues rock combo. Hot damn.


Tracks: Wrapping Paper / I Feel Free / N.S.U. / Sweet Wine / I’m So Glad / Spoonful / Strange Brew / Sunshine Of Your Love / Tale Of Brave Ulysses / SWLABR / We’re Going Wrong / White Room / Sitting On Top Of The World / Politician / Those Were The Days / Born Under A Bad Sign / Deserted Cities Of The Heart / Crossroads / Anyone For Tennis / Badge


* Taken from Wheels Of Fire, recorded half live, half studio.

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