Sheryl Crow – The Very Best Of Sheryl Crow

Tuesday Night Music Club holds a weird nostalgic place for me as it was everywhere during my first year at university. It grew on me, like a fungus and, though I probably haven’t played it in years, I still own it. I remember I bought the eponymous second album too (it got less play), but I drifted off after that. It happens.

Listening to this, though, tells me I recognize a helluva lot more Sheryl Crow songs than I thought I did. All I Wanna Do’s jiving Stuck In The Middle With You vibe retains its fun. Then it’s hit after hit after hit, some good, some not so much. My Favorite Mistake cribs Keef so hard it hurts. Picture (w. Kid Rock) was always hilariously bad, and her drag through First Cut isn’t anywhere near my favourite take on the old Cat Stevens tune, though it improves a bit on the included country version. A run through this tells me I prefer her sunnier tracks, like Steve McQueen, A Change Would Do You Good, or Soak Up The Sun. 

Overall, a hit-filled mix that points out just how many huge songs this lady has shoved into in-store retail playlists, over the years.


Tracks: All I Wanna Do / Soak Up The Sun / My Favorite Mistake / The First Cut Is The Deepest / Every Day Is A Winding Road / Leaving Las Vegas / Strong Enough / Light In Your Eyes / If It Makes You Happy / The Difficult Kind / Picture (w. Kid Rock) / Steve McQueen / A Change Would Do You Good / Home / There Goes The Neighborhood / I Shall Believe / First Cut is The Deepest (Country Version)

14 thoughts on “Sheryl Crow – The Very Best Of Sheryl Crow

  1. stephen1001 says:

    I hadn’t realized she had a tune named “Steve McQueen” – one of the 1001 albums (by Prefab Sprout) was named “Steve McQueen” in most of the world but “Two Wheels Good” in the US due to legal issues.
    I’m pleased to hear she didn’t have to rename her track two wheels good!
    Always been a fan of Strong Enough, a fine tune


  2. Sarca says:

    I’ve bought a couple of her albums over the last couple of years…I have to say, I’m not a fan! My favourite Mistake is her best best song. And after that, I can do without.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      I think I know why MFM is a fave – it’s very Stones-y! It’s true that some of them got waaay too much play anywhere and everywhere, maybe that killed it a bit for you too. Which records did you get?

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      1. Sarca says:

        Her self titled and Globe Sessions. You might be right about the burnout….I haven’t gone out of my way to listen to anything she’s done in a good while.


        1. keepsmealive says:

          Not sure I ever heard Globe Sessions, but if by the s/t you mean the second record, with If It Makes You Happy and all that on it, I have owned that one.

          You know, this comp might suit perfectly for a day when you’re wanting to hear just the hits and ones you know. It covers a lot of them!

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  3. 2loud2oldmusic says:

    Yeah, she kinda faded for me as well. She had potential, but for me never lived up to it. She became too poppy and tried to fit the radio mold, I think. But Picture with Kid Rock was awesome…I mean it was so bad it was awesome. I loved it because it was so cheesy.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      She succeeded when she aimed at the radio, and that’s fine enough by me. There’s a time and a place for this stuff, you know? As for Picture, well, maybe I didn’t get past the threshold from bad into so bad it’s awesome. Playing it again here didn’t do it. Hm.

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  4. J. says:

    Too many of her hits put me off buying a compilation like this. Even cheap I’ve never been tempted, but, give me those first three albums and I’m happy (like you, I don’t listen often, but I still own them).

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    1. keepsmealive says:

      If you’ve got the first three, this comp would fill in the blanks. By title, I didn’t know about half of these tunes, but I knew pretty much every damn one when it played. Crazy. I see it at work all the time, super-cheap. Lemme know if it ever appeals to you.

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