Jethro Tull – M.U.: The Best Of Jethro Tull

I’m no Jethro Tull expert, but this seems to be a fairly representative collection of the tunes noobs like me would want to hear of their better-known songs. I dunno, I got it off Amazon for $4 to get free shipping. Pleasant surprise: I really enjoyed it! I liked how complex the songs were. They were pretty fearless (I dig the inclusion of the flute), capable of showcasing many different styles, and just different enough to stand out from a lot of the other stuff cluttering that era. Right on, I’ll be spinning this again.

10 thoughts on “Jethro Tull – M.U.: The Best Of Jethro Tull

  1. Phillip Helbig says:

    M.U. stands for Musician’s Union, a nod to the changing personnel.

    Take it from me: Jethro Tull is probably the best band you’ll ever hear. Yes, Rush are better for sheer skill and chops, Nightwish or Maiden for drama, Floyd for depth, the Beatles for almost everything else, but in terms of overall quality, there is nothing better than Jethro Tull. at least the best 50% of their albums or so. Check out Thick as a Brick. Shakespeare was known for the fact that his comic relief was better than other people’s actual drama. Similarly, this concept-album spoof is better than any real concept album. It’s no accident that when asked what it would be if he could take just one album to a desert island, without missing a beat (pun, as always, intended), Geddy Lee replied “That’s easy, Jethro Tull, A Passion Play.

    My favourites: Thick as a Brick, Songs from the Wood and Stand Up.


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