The Good Ol’ Hockey Game

Here’s one I’ve had in Dennis (my post hopper) for some time now. I’ve updated it to current and here it is:

I love hockey. I really do.

I grew up playing it, and wasn’t too bad as a center/left wing. But I got out at 14 years old, when everyone else had grown and I hadn’t, as with body contact allowed I was getting crushed. Turns out I don’t have or enjoy the mean tough hockey thing. I prefer the finesse have-fun hockey thing. Anyway.

As a kid, it made sense I should’ve been a Leafs fan. My Dad is a lifelong Leafs fan. Heck, they were the city closest to us, and they were the team we watched most on Saturday night Hockey Night in Canada. Yet I was an Oilers fan. Gretzky and Messier are still my top two hockey gods. Hard to fault a kid for cheering for those 80s Oilers. I even got to go to an Oilers/Leafs game at the old Gardens, ages ago, to see my heroes… And the Leafs… well, they’ve had a long, difficult slog since… the 60s.

Then I lived 20 years without a TV, so I didn’t see a whole lot of hockey. What I did see, I struggled to watch. I hated the zone trap, it actually made the game boring. And all the lazy hooking from behind on the backcheck (which is now a penalty, thank goodness) made the game unwatchable. I even hated when Fox tried to put that stupid streak behind the puck so everyone could follow along. Dumb. Honestly, who can’t follow the puck?

And now, over the years of having internet I began to follow the NHL again, just highlights and stuff. I’m not a Oilers fan, per se, anymore. I’ve tended to just hope that the team that deserves to win actually wins. And this season, I found a channel on Youtube that condenses every 60 minute game into an 8-10 minute highlight reel. I watched many of them here and there, while I was cooking supper, or while the kids were in kung fu, or whenever my attention wasn’t immediately required elsewhere. Over time I got re-acquainted with what has always been in my blood, and we even go to our local OHL games now and again, and I love those. I just grew to love watching hockey again.

And I found myself rooting for the Leafs.

I can’t quite articulate why. There are so many good teams in the league, now. Honestly, the speed and the skill these days is off the charts from what this old dog is used to seeing. And still, for all the great players the Leafs have, somehow they often manage to be a hot mess. But when they get it right, goddamn it, it’s superb.

So I’m learning what beginning to identify as a Leaf fan means. It’s an annual tough row to hoe, it’s a lot of bitter disappointments and crushed hopes… and yet somehow hope always springs eternal. I mean, even the Cubs won a World Series eventually.

And last night, at my folks’ place, I watched Game 7 of the Bruins/Leafs first round series, held in Boston. I found myself actually nervous for the buds. And they lost, in big fashion, 5-1. Despite out-playing, out-shooting (by a wide margin) and out-hitting the Bruins. Really it was 3-1, but they stupidly pulled Andersen with about 3:00 left, allowing those last two coffin-nail goals. And so their season ends.

Honestly, now with Toronto, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Winnipeg, Calgary (and maybe Washington, tonight) out of the playoffs [all major teams!], I don’t really care much who wins anymore. I’m happy Nashville’s out, though. I have watched (off and on) all season, and I’ll still watch to the end and see who wins the Cup, but with the Leafs out it just doesn’t feel exciting in the same way. That’s a huge new first for me.

And I hope for next season already. I hope they trade Kadri* and Nylander**, promote Ennis and Moore, and put super-speedy Kapanen back where he belongs. I hope they get another defenseman. I hope they work out the top guns lines and stick with what works. Hell, I cross my fingers Marleau sticks around forever. I hope they give Marner whatever he wants – they need him and that kid’s amazing. I hope they treat Tavares and Matthews like kings. If I was a kid now, they’d be my heroes. I hope they find Andersen a solid back-up (is Sparks it? Who knows). So much to handle in the off-season.

And here I sit, newly-minted and full of opinions, probably talking outta my ass. Haha shut up, noob! Yeesh.

In Sum:

Apparently, I’m now a Leafs fan. I wouldn’t ever have guessed it, and yet here it is. I know what it means. And I’m OK with that.



In a beautiful bit of life’s full circle, our son is an Oilers fan. He loves McDavid, and Draisaitl, and all the rest. Good on him. I support him in that, too!


* He’s let them down when they need him too often. Time to go, bud, thanks for everything good.

** I said at the time of all that trade holdout crap that they didn’t need him (not that he’s not a good player, just that They Did Not Need Another Expensive Forward), and I was proven right. Waaaay too many millions, and for waaaaay too little output (called it). Meh.


22 thoughts on “The Good Ol’ Hockey Game

  1. cincinnatibabyhead says:

    OK Books. If you really want the Leafs to get the cup there is only one solution. Hire Joey Shithead from DOA and take care of some business.
    Was the anyone more Canadian that Tom Connors?


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Do you mean for Joey to be playing, coaching, just generally yelling at folks as intended motivation? He’d get killed if he played…

      Anyone more Canadian than Tom? Interesting question. Yes? No? Maybe so? Hahaha I don’t know!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. cincinnatibabyhead says:

        I think in the video he’s playing. Randy Backman’s the coach. Reading your post a couple days ago I was thinking about Red Kelly when the Leafs were a power. I heard he passed away.
        I turned my kids to Stompin’s music when they were kids. They still love him. Meet you Saturday night in Sudbury and we can catch the game on the tube.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Did I know you’re a Pens fan? Probably. Sorry they went out, Dude. But so did every other big team this year (Washington bowed out last night!!). This will be an interesting second round, for sure. I can’t even pick a winner anymore. As for blogging output, I need a 36 hour day.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Hockey is an old game played on ice, with sticks and a puck, at high speeds. It’s exciting and varied and nuanced. You should try it out!

      Haha red Soviet machine, Comrade. If it’s Tretiak you’re cheering, though, I’m with you. That guy was amazing between the pipes.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. 80smetalman says:

    I have always been a hockey fan but I love the Flyers! Quick duck of a foreign object thrown at me from the direction of Canada. Okay, they didn’t make the playoffs this year, they started lousy and then gave up after their were eliminated from playoff contention. Still, a good consolation was to see the Penguins get swept four straight by the Islanders.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      It’s true Flyers/Leafs has historically been fraught. But nothing thrown from here, anyway! Flyers had a solid team with some great players this year, just the way it goes. I, too, was happy to see the Pens go out. Except for Malkin. I’d have that guy on any team, any time.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. mikeladano says:

    I know a guy. Lifetime fan. Last night he said “I am done wasting my energy on this team.” In my colorful words. Selling all his jerseys except one. Moving on to other passions.


      1. mikeladano says:

        Well yes, you do have to consider the emotional state he was in…less than 12 hours after the loss, you’re not back in your equilibrium yet. I know Jen isn’t giving up on them.


  4. jprobichaud says:

    I was born and bred a Habs fan and though I no longer really follow hockey anymore (I much prefer watching basketball these days), I was cheering on the Leafs because I hate the Bruins.


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