Taranna Trip, Slight Return


First up, HAPPY CANADA DAY! Give ‘er!



So, it’s about time I put something here. Dad and I went to Taranna yesterday. It was a perfect day in the city, gorgeous weather, easy traffic, and a big party in the market as it’s a holiday weekend. 

I’ll just post up my scores (no reviews), for y’all to see what caught my eye…



First up, the 3-for-$10 bins are now 4-for-$10 bins. Awesome! I asked the dude, and he said he’s pretty sure it’s a permanent change. They just have so much stuff to clear through. He did say they may make some 4-for-$10 and some 3-for-$10, depending on what they are. Will see going forward. 

4-For-$10 BIN

Willie ‘Big Eyes’ Smith – Nothin’ But The Blues Y’all Looks like Taranna-based fun, half studio, half live tracks.





Clutch – Pure Rock Fury I don’t own any Clutch, but they’ve come recommended, so why not.





Joe Strummer – Earthquake Weather This was an immediate grab. A rescue mission for Joe!





Hootie & The Blowfish – Musical Chairs Our son heard Hootie on the radio and loved it, so this was one I didn’t have and it rounded out the 4-for-$10.






Tim Armstrong – A Poet’s Life I think I owned this at one point, but not until I found it again yesterday. CD/DVD.





Jakob Dylan – Seeing Things I asked James if Wallflowers are making a comeback like Hootie is, and he didn’t think so. But I’ve been hearing them everywhere, so when I saw a Jakob solo album, I was curious.




Guided By Voices – Vampire On Titus/Propeller In all the years I’ve checked the GBV sections, I’ve never seen this double album single CD. I own both albums individually, but when I saw this I grabbed it because GBV. Then I went to Sonic Boom and saw another copy. What are the chances, in all these years…




Tuns – When You’re Ready b/w Kiss Yourself Goodbye Awesome 7″ from awesome band. Woo!





Syd Barrett – The Madcap Laughs and Opel I owned Barrett already, so I was happy to round out the collection.





Descendents – Milo Goes To College Classic. Had to get a copy as I was inexplicably without it.






Godspeed You! Black Emporer – Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress and Luciferian Towers Slowly completing (if not completed) my GY!BE collection. Glory.




Baroness – Gold & Grey New Baroness makes me happy and this is probably the score of the day!





All told, a perfect run to the city, and so many great tunes, to boot. Thanks for Reading, folks!



37 thoughts on “Taranna Trip, Slight Return

    1. keepsmealive says:

      I’ve always wanted to hear the other Syd stuff and for whatever reason it never hit my radar until I saw these two in the New Arrivals bin at the bottom of the stairs in Sonic Boom. Straight to the shopping basket, yessir!

      This Hootie I got is actually their third album. I have the other two, of course the first monster-hit Crackedrearview, and I have Fairweather Johnson, the second album, which has The Old Man And Me on it. Looking at the titles on this third one I just got, I’m gonna have to know these songs to hear them because I don’t recall any of them by name! Wiki tells me guests on it include (among others) David Immergluck (Counting Crows, Camper Van Beethoven, John Hiatt) and Boyd Tinsley (Dave Matthews Band). Fun!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aphoristical says:

        I like Madcap Laughs way more than Barrett, he didn’t have as many good songs second time around.

        Looks like I was mixed up about Hootie. They’ve made six albums it looks like.


          1. Aphoristical says:

            I’d wager that Cracked Rear View outsold all their other albums put together by a long margin. I’ve never seen the last 3 anywhere I don’t think. 4th one’s a covers album.


                1. keepsmealive says:

                  Haha everytime I think of that Friends theme song, I think of the stand-up comedian who talked about how the Rembrandts weren’t even remembering what they’d written earlier. The song starts with “so no one told you life was gonna be this way,” and then later in the song they say “your mother told you there’d be days like these,” So which is it? Haha

                  Liked by 1 person

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Thanks! A haul to which I even forgot to add a 7″ I bought (now updated)! Wallflowers were a band I always liked. Need to spend more time with albums beyond BDTH but I always liked what I heard.


        1. J. says:

          Yeah. I wasn’t a big fan of their last album, but I’ll need to revisit it. I know they did a few shows a few years ago, but I agree that an album is long overdue.

          Liked by 1 person

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