Taranna: A Labour Of Love

For the Labour Day weekend, Dad and I hit up Taranna yesterday. We took the streetcar to the CNE, where it was so busy and packed and loud that it actually wasn’t all that fun. I didn’t buy anything, and you couldn’t get near much of anything, so I just ate my $20 philly cheesesteak (and a Coke) and spent the afternoon pushing my way through the crowds.

We hung out in Chinatown, and I got some more new kinds of green tea to try. Dad also gave me some green tea egg rolls, cookies, and Pocky Sticks that he’d found. There was a theme. Anyway, after all, we didn’t get back to our town until almost midnight, so it was a long day with a lot of driving and a lot of crowds, but it was full and interesting and (ultimately) fun!

I did get to do BMV and Sonic Boom, though only quickly. It felt like skim-scanning rather than digging in, but getting to be there at all was still better than not. Sonic Boom was completely sold out of the new Tool album. I wanted to get it so badly and.. no. It’s sold out here in my town too, and I didn’t see it on Amazon, either. Ah well. Another time.

So you’re probably curious about what a cursory dig in those shoppes might turn up for me, so here ya go:


4-FOR-$9.99 BINS

Eva Cassidy – Somewhere. I love Eva’s albums, and I buy up what I don’t have, sight-unseen.

Robert Johnson – Devil On My Trail: The Complete Songbook. I didn’t need this, but, you know…

Subtle – For Hero, For Fool. I remembered this being a crazy record, wanted to try it again.

Tragically Hip – Evolution Advances. A neat promo disc containing the single for Vaccination Scar, and snippets of Summer’s Killing Us, Heaven’s A Better Place Today, Gus: The Polar bear From New York, and Mean Streak. Never seen this before, likely never see it again, so it had to come home.



radiohead – Com Lag. I’ve never owned this Japanese-only EP. Now I do!

Wallflowers – Rebel, Sweetheart. I like these guys, never heard this one so I’m excited.

Dictators – Go Girl Crazy. I blame Geoff. This had to come home!

U2 – The Best Of 1980-1990, and The Best Of 1990-2000. These 2cd sets have what you wanna hear, and second discs full of b-sides. I don’t wanna own all the albums, but this was a good way to get all the singles in a fell swoop.

Rezillos – Can’t Stand The Rezillos: The (Almost) Complete Rezillos. I blame ROLLINS. He played these Scottish punkers on his show, and I wanted to hear more.

Viletones – A Taste Of Honey. Because awesome.

Undertones – Teenage Kicks: The Very Best Of. I was curious if anything more than the one song I know is any good…



Jimmy Lee Williams – Hoot Your Belly. I am a simple man. I see Fat Possum blues records, I buy them. They’re always awesome.

Dinner Is Ruined – Love Songs From The Lubitorium. A great left field Canuck supergroup fun times.

Isis – Temporal. I grab up Isis releases whenever I see ones I need, and this 2cd/1dvd made my day!

Jake Bugg – Jake Bugg. I already own this on CD and LP, but this one was signed so I rescued it.

Steve Winwood – Chronicles. I was in the mood for some of this, and this hits set covered a lot of what I had in my head. Excellent.

Counting Crows – Hard Candy. Haven’t heard this one before, so I’ll be curious to try it out…


And that was a super-full day, covering a huge swath of the city. I felt like I’d done my 10,000 steps for the week all in one day!

27 thoughts on “Taranna: A Labour Of Love

  1. BuriedOnMars says:

    I’ve never been to the CNE. I’ll probably never go. I’m not much one for crowds or roller coasters. A weekday in the summer during vacation while everyone else is at work. That’s my kind of Toronto trip!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Thanks! I can’t help but feel that I skipped over some awesome in the rush to get it all done (the CNE ate up most of our day) but what I did get should indeed keep me going until our next run to the big city! Shame about the new Tool, though. It’s the one album I went down there wanting to get, and it’s the one that couldn’t be had. Ah well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aphoristical says:

        With U2, I think their 1980s stuff is really good, and there at least four indispensable albums in there (Boy, War, Unforgettable Fire, Joshua Tree). While the 1990s set is all you need from that decade, really.


        1. keepsmealive says:

          Interesting, I hadn’t thought of it like that… well, Achtung Baby might need to be there as a whole, for the 90s. After that it’s spot on what you said. But even the 80s set is missing Bullt The Blue Sky, and I was all ‘whut…’

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Aphoristical says:

            It’s hard to cover their 1980s stuff with one disc – there’s only one song from Boy and only the bonus track from October. It’s also missing ‘Two Hearts Beat As One’ which I’ve heard on the radio quite a bit.


  2. deKE says:

    Ah good old Jake Bugg! haha
    The main thing is hanging with your Dad.
    Taking a Streetcar Named Desire to Chinaaaaa Town! ( That’s my VH reference there)
    Your right about the Hip u gotta grab that stuff as if a fella like Mr. Stpehen sees it he would grab it quicker than Usain Bolt running the 100 meters​.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yup, I still love that first Jake Bugg record. Neat to find one signed (at least, it looks to me like it is).

      Absolutely it’s about hanging out with Dad. He’s determined (in his 70s) to do as much as possible for as long as possible (he even said “I’ll sleep when I’m dead… wasn’t Bon Jovi responsible for a song about that?). Anyway, they have a neighbour recently diagnosed with ALS and he’s declining fast and Dad sees that and just keeps motoring because he can.

      Thanks for the VH reference! Haha I’ll be Geoff would love being compared to Mr. Bolt. And I’m the same with stuff like this promo thing, anything Hip or Sloan and I’m all over it.

      Liked by 2 people

          1. stephen1001 says:

            I was going to say, that Hip promo is a beautiful find, can’t let that be the one that got away!
            And seeing my name in the same sentences as both Usain Bolt & The Dictactors – I’m blushing!
            I hear you with the crowds at the CNE. I went to Blue Rodeo at the amphitheatre last weekend (great, as always of course) and it was an absolute circus in downtown Toronto.
            Every time I go to T.O., I’m reminded of how we can’t really complain about the traffic in Kingston/Owen Sound/TBay!


            1. keepsmealive says:

              Yeah I see new-to-me Hip, I grab. 🙂

              This might be the first time in all these years we made Geoff blush, guys?

              That CNE crowd was crazy. Would probably have been better to go through the week.

              Blue Rodeo is a band I have never seen in concert. I have all the albums, even the live one, but never actually seen them. Weird. They would be awesome, though.

              Actually traffic in OS is sometimes worse. The way it’s set into the valley of the escarpment, with so few bridges over the water, yeah, it can get snarly. Add in dumb-nuts, and the upcoming construction on the main bridge, and it can be quite a time!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. stephen1001 says:

                Blue Rodeo is probably one of the more reliable bands in the business – every album show, you know what you’re signing up for & you know it’s going to be good!


      1. boppinsblog says:

        I am on the fence about the new Tool. Expensive for a cd. I will probably wait to see if a special vinyl version is released, and maybe by then most of the masses will have bought the cd version.
        My guess though is Tool fans will buy both. Therefore the band cashes in twice.


          1. boppinsblog says:

            That is the special (the only version available in physical format, so not sure how special it is).
            There is no vinyl issue out yet or on pre-order that I know of. I believe it will be October for vinyl release, so maybe later in September for pre order.


              1. keepsmealive says:

                $70-$80 for the 10-track CD? Hahaha were they drunk? Hell no I wouldn’t have bought it. Not unless it also came with a show ticket or something (they’re in Taranna Nov 11-12). But a deluxe CD is, max, $25. Get real guys hahahaha!


                1. boppinsblog says:

                  That is list. They are $150 on Discogs now #scammers. The high price is for the fancy screen. Plus popular band say “special” “limited” etc. and people will overpay. Plus 12 years of hype will make for heavy spending. I have never fallen into that “coloured” “limited” trap. Ahem. Yup. Never.


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