Sloan – Navy Blues 21st Anniversary Boxed Set

Today was a very very very good mail day indeed. I got my copy of this beauty:

Only 1200 were made, so get yours soon right here! Hard to believe Navy Blues is 21 years old. I saw them on this tour, in Waterloo. It was the second Sloan show I ever saw. Hot damn.

8 thoughts on “Sloan – Navy Blues 21st Anniversary Boxed Set

    1. keepsmealive says:

      No time like the present to start listening to Sloan! They are awesome. This is the third of their albums re-released as a boxed set. I also have Twice Removed and One Chord To Another in boxed sets!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      I understand, that’s a lot of box. Myself, I could not pass. I would accept credit debt if I had to. I couldn’t let this pass! I have the complete set (in HUGE part thanks to my KMA brother and all-around awesome dude James) of all the Sloan special releases – these boxed sets (TR, OCTA, now NB), and the live LPs, and that 7″ single, and… the completist in me meets the Sloan fan in me and together they ganged up on the logic center in my brain and made sure I bought the damned thing post-haste! 🙂


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