Hiatus Updatery

Hey there if you’re still out there, this is just to let you know I’m still out here. I haven’t blogged much in a long while, it’s just how it has gone. I still think of you folks a lot, though, so you know. I truly do hope you’re well.

Here’s some stuff from the past while…

Last GBV From Vinyl Diner

When we lived in Saskatoon, I always checked out Vinyl Diner on Broadway (Hi Stu!), and it was my go-to source for new GBV releases. I loved hanging out, chatting. Stu is straight up awesome. I used to say “I need something new, recommend something!” and he was able to parse that into a) something he knew I’d like, and b) something he had on hand. A great example is the mighty Nasty On EP called Lester Bangs. I still love that one.

Anyway, we left Saskatoon in 2005, and for the past 14 years, I have mail-ordered my new GBV releases from Stu because he is still my source and I love to support his shoppe. Well, Stu is retiring and the shoppe is being taken over by a couple of new guys. I received Sweating The Plague in the mail recently and it’s my last-ever Stu GBV album. End of an era. Thank you Stu. You are the absolute best!


Possibly The Last Big Smoke Run Of 2019

My Dad and I went to Toronto on Sunday, just to do our usual wander. We invited Mike but he had prior plans to be in London, which is geographically in the opposite direction from our goal. Alas. Still, we wanted to get in one more run to the city before winter makes the roads not worth the hassle. Turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, hovering around 0C and lovely.

Now, I’ve recently bought Charlotte (my kick-ass Classic Vibe Strat – see last post) and the Sloan Navy Blues boxed set (which I still haven’t opened, if you can imagine… I really should do, as I want the MP3s for the car!), so I really probably shouldn’t have even gone into record stores. But I seem physically incapable of going to the city without being magnetically pulled into them. It happens. But I tried to be good. I really did. And of course, I still found a few wee things to tide me over…


Hall Ranaldo Hooler – Oasis Of Whispers: Seems to be a jazz album, but with Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo? I’m in.

Wynton Marsalis Quartet – The Magic Hour: Bought because Wynton.

Leon Bridges – Good Thing: I have the LP but I saw the CD and thought why not, since I have the other one… ah, collector brain…

Elevator Through – Original Music From The Motion Picture “the such”: I see Rick White, I add to collection.

True Love Waits – Christopher O’Riley Plays Radiohead: all those cool tunes in piano versions? Yeah I could dig that.


Ronnie Wood – Anthology: The Essential Crossexion: I do love Ronnie and this is a sweet-looking set. I had James check pricing and I got it for a deal.

Tool – Fear Inoculum (Limited Edition): I really didn’t need to buy this. Brother Criag gave me his download code, so I’ve heard it. But the collector in me wanted the cool set with the screen etc. And when Tool says Limited, they mean it. I left Salival one time, and when I went back they were long gone and now they’re stupid-expensive. So I panicked and bought this.

Mike Goldsmith – Discord: The Story Of Noise: I’ve always been sensitive to noise, and it seems as I age it’s getting stronger. This book’s flyleaf intrigued (see below). Looking forward to reading!

Noise is a widely recognized and ever-increasing problem–and a growing health concern–in the modern world. In Discord, Mike Goldsmith looks at the science and history of the long battle between people and noise–a battle that has changed our lives and molded our societies. He investigates how increasing noise levels relate to human progress, from the clatter of wheels on cobbles to the sound of heavy machinery; explains how our scientific understanding of sound and hearing has developed; and looks at noise in nature, including the remarkable ways in which some animals, such as shrimps, use noise as a weapon or to catch prey. Goldsmith also examines the importance of managing noise levels and developing suitable “soundscapes” in industry, schools, or public spaces. In addition, the book shows that noise, in the sense of dissonance, can also be used positively: composers have employed it from Baroque music to Rock feedback; medicine harnesses it to shatter kidney stones and treat cancer; and even the military uses it in (real and rumored) weapons. Goldsmith concludes by turning to the future, discussing ways in which new science and new ideas may change the way the world will sound. (pullled from Amazon dot com).


Personal Updatery

The rest is just living a busy life. I’m still at the same job, the kids are now 10 and 8 and going in lots of different directions and thriving. I’ve been cheering for the Leafs and, let’s face it, this year that’s become a really tough gig. Winter is upon us, and all reports say it should be good one, lots of snow. Cool, I love the snow. And it’s OK, we’ll hole up with my tunes and guitars and be just fine… As for this site, I suppose time just fills in with different things, when you let it. I do truly miss reading all of your blogs. As for writing, well, sporadic will have to do. I’m honestly not at the computer much, anymore. Take care, Dear Readers, and stay warm.


PS Just putting it out there that I have, of late, been absolutely hooked on listening to Opeth’s 2003 album Damnation. It is anomalous in their discography (not one single vocal growl to be found!) and that’s OK too. It’s just so utterly beautiful and haunting and memorable. I’ve been listening carefully and it truly seems to be a complete, perfect album. Get you some!


28 thoughts on “Hiatus Updatery

  1. cincinnatibabyhead says:

    Checking in man. Good to see you’re still kicking and putting out some stuff.I see that Wynton recording. Just listened to that a while ago. ‘Big Fat Hen’ is a very good cut off a very good album.Later. CB


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Hey there CB, thanks for stopping by. Pull up an Ornette album and a cigar and stay a while! Stuff from me has been few and far between, these days. Just seems like time fills in with other stuff when you get pulled away, and here we are.

      I will buy all the Wyntons because Wynton is awesome. Did I ever tell you I have an autographed copy of his Sweet Swing Blues On The Road book? An ex of mine got it for me when she worked at Oxford University. Cool stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. cincinnatibabyhead says:

        Good to hear from you fella. Hey life takes its route. Just do the do.
        I’ve been stuck in a jazz groove for a few weeks. I’m doing the Gene Harris, Jimmy Smith and the like groove these days and digging it big time. Plus I’ve snuck a couple nasty cigars into my face. Of course!
        No you didn’t mention the book but very cool. Yeah Wynton is a walking music man. I had to go listen to that piece I mentioned yesterday. Just makes me feel good. Later.


          1. cincinnatibabyhead says:

            My neighbor (one of the best in the world) gave me a lost Coltrane record ‘Blue World’. Soundtrack with Canadian roots. You have e reaching for Crescent. Good to have you back even for a guest appearance.


  2. stephen1001 says:

    I’ve got Leafs/Vegas on in the background as I type – 0-0 thus far!
    Glad to hear the kids are doing well, I thought you guys might have started to cheer for the Habs now that Suzuki is on Les Canadiens!


    1. boppinsblog says:

      I thought the Leafs/Vegas game was in Nevada and started at 10pm est.

      That reminded me of an episode of Mash when Winchester was getting the baseball scores earlier than the rest, and won all the bets.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. stephen1001 says:

        Oh – Maybe I’ve got an old game on then!
        Yes it appears it is, I scrolled without really paying attention to the stations and saw Leafs/Las Vegas was on.
        Turns out, it’s on Leafs TV & they must be re-airing an old game to get ready for the new game tonight. Still 0-0, I’ll let you know how the old game ends up!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Oof I know, the Leafs are so painful to watch this year. Think what you will of him, but Ovechkin was absolutely right. If they want it, they need to learn to play together as a team, not a bunch of overpid millionaires skating around waving their sticks at people and not even hitting anybody (except Hyman, now he’s back, but still).

      I dunno about firing Babcock. I’m not even sure it’s his fault, entirely. I’d start with the players and try to wake them the f*uck up. He is responsible for their line changes and matchups, and they REALLY need to break up Rielly and Ceci, like NOW, but I’d start with the team before going to him and, by logic, up further to Dubas. I mean, start with the dudes on the ice. Remind them why they’re there. I mean, half the crap they do my coach would have benched me for that crap when I was 9. LET’S GO!


  3. boppinsblog says:

    It’s sad when a record store employee moves on.
    Maybe an local store will fill your needs.

    As for Toronto, I have a hard time avoiding record stores.
    I’ll be in training there the 1st week of December. It’s going to be an expensive week.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah, Stu retiring is a blow. He’s one of the good ones, for sure. Local store, you mean my town? Hahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      Oh man, a whole week in the city? You’d better rent a truck.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      I have them all. I know some people haven’t liked the newer stuff (I worked with a guy who bought Sorceress, played it, and took it back for a refund OUCH). But I like it all. I think a band has to change a bit, otherwise it gets boring. I like that they’re trying new things!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. J. says:

    Good to hear all is well, fella.

    Opeth’s Damnation, y’say. Not a single growl? What about a guttural scream?


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Hiya J.! Yup all’s well, we’re truckin’ on.

      Yup, not a single growl. No guttural screams either. All melodic vocals and that sweet, sweet Opeth instrumentation. Such an emotive, gorgeous record!

      Liked by 1 person

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