The Skip 5 Show #5: Boston Spaceships – You Satisfy Me

Boston Spaceships was only one of a myriad of Robert Pollard’s side projects. Found on 2008’s Brown Submarine, this is a bright and poppy rocker that sounds, to me, like Guided By Voices covering a shiny happy 60s tune.

Get it!

9 thoughts on “#5

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Unknown to Mike? Damn, if I’d tried, it would have taken me forever (since breakfast*) to come up with something, and yet here we are on Day 5! There are so many Pollard side projects. All of them awesome and weird and fun in their own ways!

      * So you can see what I did there, Forever Since Breakfast was the title of an early GBV album. There’s no hope for me! I’m lost hahaha!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Legend has it, he has harnessed the powerful ability of creating 36 hours in every day… haha I don’t know, man, he’s just a fountain of ideas and riffs. My guess is he’s a fine example of Csíkszentmihályi’s flow state.

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      1. jprobichaud says:

        Whatever it is, the guy just keep ticking along like an energizer bunny. I saw GBV at Bluesfest last year and their set was probably 30 songs long in a one hour timeslot.


        1. keepsmealive says:

          I try not to have too much jealousy in my life, but oh man, do I wish I could have been there at that gig with you!

          Probably the most incredible set I’ve heard of (and seen, on DVD) from them was their first farewell concert. Of course, like KISS, they kept coming back, but at the time they were done. Anyway, that show, The Electrifying Conclusion, was 63 songs in 4 hours, all played while drinking more alcohol that mere mortals ought to be able to withstand, with two buckets on stage: one for puke, the other for piss. And there were guest performances! My goodness. That’s a great DVD, and it was the 43rd thing I ever wrote up for this site, back in the baby KMA days. Recommended viewing!

          Here’s a trailer:

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    1. keepsmealive says:

      It is one I happily accept. It amounts to a lot of time and effort, searching and money but it is all absolutely worth it. I just ordered something today, limited to 1000 copies. Of course.

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