The Skip 5 Show #8: Trews – Paranoid Freak

My iTunes random play gave this to me from the Time Capsule compilation, but we all know it was the second single from their 2007 album No Time For Later.

A cool mid-tempo rocker for these guys, it’s sweeping and full and huge. I love how the piano features large, especially at the end of the track.

This is another tune that echoes well in today’s uncertain times, both musically and lyrically, with anxiety possibly leading some to be a bit more, well, paranoid than they might otherwise be.

I love this band.

6 thoughts on “#8

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah I can imagine their whole set is solid!

      I was goofing around on Charlotte, the Classic Vibe 50s strat, as I listened to this song, and a rudimentary version revealed itself to me. The verses are basically B, then the chorus bit is B D A E. There’s a low E and some other chords there too, in the breakdown bit, but through the Katana 50 on Lead with a blues driver and some reverb, I was sailin’…

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