Rolling Stones – Living In A Ghost Town

OMG! Brand new Rolling Stones!!

I am uncertain as to how I didn’t hear about this when it dropped on April 23, 2020, but I’m here today, after discovering it on the Tubes of You, to shout my joy over quarantined towns and empty streets! Just like you can see in the video (below)!

It’s a laid back late-period Stones-y shuffle with reggae tinges and a crisp Charlie beat. Let’s be real – are any of Charlie’s beats anything less than crisp? No, they absolutely are not. And can we just talk for a moment about how they’ve been going so long that when I say ‘Stones-y’ you immediately know exactly what I mean? Quintessential.

Add backing whoa oh vocals, and lyrics that could be talking about the current world isolation situation, or could just be a bluesy meditation on personal loneliness. Mick throws in a pretty damn good snarl/wail/shout for a man his age (and a typical, almost cookie-cutter, harmonica solo to boot). There’s no guitar solo, but the breakdown is sweet.

Nothing truly stands out about it, as a hit Stones song, perhaps but, at this point, fans should have No Expectations, only glee. New Rolling Stones content just thrills me so much.

Get you some!


14 thoughts on “Rolling Stones – Living In A Ghost Town

  1. Phillip Helbig says:

    “Mick throws in a pretty damn good snarl/wail/shout for a man his age (and a typical, almost cookie-cutter, harmonica solo to boot).”

    Mick is really underrated as an instrumentalist; he plays harmonica better than most, reasonable guitar, and even keyboards. I’ve seen the Stones live once, about 6 years ago, and he played many instruments. (Someone at work had bought four tickets, for herself, her boyfriend, and another couple. They had 5 computers and managed to get through once when the tickets went on sale at midnight. Something came up and the other couple couldn’t make it, so I bought two tickets for my wife and me—-for the original price!)


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah Mick can play. Great score, glad you got to see them! I saw them once in concert as well, 1994 Voodoo Lounge, in Toronto. Stone Temple Pilots opened up. We were 35th row on the floor, right in the center. Perfect. We paid $54.50 Cdn, back then.


  2. mikeladano says:

    I like the song a lot. I was going to order the CD, but it’s a lot to ask for one song. So I’ll hold off — Scott says it’s going on a greatest hits of some kind.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      I like the song a lot too! I looked on Amazon and they only listed the 10″ vinyl. Another Hits set of the Stones? Yeah, it’s been ten minutes, we need another haha!


  3. Zack says:

    I think that’s the best track they’ve ever done with Ron Wood. It’s nice to hear something great about what’s going on!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Best track with Ronnie? Big claim, but I see your point. I’m currently reading Ronnie’s autobiography, simply called Ronnie. Just started, but I’ll probably report back here about it whenever I finish it. He’s had quite a life and career!

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  4. deKE says:

    Yeah, a decent track and good on The Stones for putting something out when so many acts are pushing things back. Still love that one-off that they did a few years back ‘Gloom and Doom” That track is KILLER!

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    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah man, new Stones content, ANY new Stones content, makes me happy at any time, these days. Despite what folks may joke, they ain’t gonna live forever. Doom And Gloom was cool too, for sure.

      For my own selfishness, I hope this track means they’ve been in the studio doing other things too, and this may mean that they get their act together enough to release another record. Whether they can tour it or not is up to the current situation, but an entire new album to chew on during this quarantine would be amazing!


      1. 1537 says:

        It was recorded last year, I think I read and they were shocked by how well the lyrics fitted now. I’ve just pre-ordered the 10″ single (released September?). I thought the covers LP was just awful, but this is up there with Doom & Gloom, Love Is Strong and Rough Justice as the best things they’ve done in about 35 years for me.


        1. keepsmealive says:

          If they recorded this in advance of the current situation, I would tend to believe that the Stones are privy to information about the future that we ordinary civilians just don’t have!

          Best things in 35 years? Damn, man, as someone who listens to them on the fairly regular, same as with Zack saying it’s the best song they’ve ever done with Ron Wood, I might tend to agree that it is good but best stuff? Maybe I need more time with it, but I’d put it fair-to-middlin’ in the big picture, but awesome right now because any new Stones is awesome. Man, those other tracks you mentioned, though, hot damn. Love Is Strong in concert was awesome.

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