The Skip 5 Show #13: Massive Attack – Risingson

Can I even properly express how much I love the Mezzanine (1997) album? Probably not, but it’s up there among my favourite albums I discovered in the late 90s. I first heard it between sets at a Paul MacLeod show at the Walper Pub in KW. I bought my own copy while living in Montreal 1999-2001. There was a shop on Ste-Catherine near our flat, in a basement just below street level. The dude who ran it was always playing electronic stuff that sounded like his tape was being chewed by his player. Anyway, one day I went in and this album was on, and I was reminded of its beauty. I bought it right off of his Now Playing stand on the counter. He nodded approvingly. 

How many times have I played this album in its entirety? Uncounted times. It takes me to a time and place, yet it always fits the current setting as well, and I love it completely. This track is only one of the brilliant songs to be heard on Mezzanine. I see on Amazon it’s a 2LP set too… damn, I need that. It’d sound so good on my RP1…


2 thoughts on “#13

    1. keepsmealive says:

      I understand the demand! I’ll bet if you gave it time, this album would grow on you, like a welcome fungus. And then it’d be a gateway just like it was for me, to more Massive Attack! And then Morcheeba! Supreme Beings Of Leisure! Portishead! Tricky! And so on…


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