iTunes iSsues

Is it really, though?


NB: I’m not writing this to bring the Mac Haters out of the woodwork – they can go argue amongst themselves. I’m not an Apple fanboy, though I have used their computers since 2007. It’s now just what I’m used to, fair play to all. This post is because I’m truly running into issues with the set-up I’ve had for years. I’ll happily take all reasonable suggestions, given my current tech, in the comments section. Thanks.


Problems have been ongoing for ages. I don’t tend to bother you guys with most of it.

I’m fine with using the native Mac applications (iTunes, Safari, etc). It just seems easier (and, likely, I’m lazy), but I may be at a breaking point. 

It keeps losing its path to my library, and even when I re-aim it at the right spot, it still won’t see it. Plus, it’s laggy and slow. Plus, it loses albums I know were there (when it even works at all). It even loses album artwork, not that that is as big deal to me. 

Updating it didn’t fix it. Turning it off and turning it back on again does nothing. Rebooting the computer, even resetting the SMC, does nothing.

I’ve tried everything I can think of: I’ve watched YouTube videos, read forums and Mac help sites… nothing has really helped. 

I thought maybe I could uninstall and re-download it, but from what I’ve read, that would open a whole other can of worms because it is an essential program for Mac OS, it’s tied to everything internally, complicated pathways blah blah blah, and my level of patience with it is already low.

With the new Catalina OS, iTunes is no longer iTunes. With Catalina, Apple has split things into three sections (the one I want is now called Music). My 2011 iMac is so old, I cannot update to this new OS, so I cannot get this new system. I assume iTunes is (now) no longer supported, in favour of this new set-up. Remember when Apple got in trouble for slowing down older phones on purpose? Maybe they’ve just given up on supporting iTunes, and older computers. To me, it should still work, but I’ve spent enough time trying to get it back and it just won’t, so…

I thought maybe it would help to start over, wipe the whole library and re-rip the CDs (at a higher bit rate). I know, that’s crazy, but maybe it had just become unwieldy, you know? I had MP3s in there from way back, even stuff I haven’t owned physically in years. Fresh start with what’s here, right! What else am I gonna do with my quarantine time? 

Well, I started this, and it worked for a day or so, and then iTunes lost the library again. Dammit. 


I went looking for free alternatives. So few even rip CDs: 

Winamp: I saw that Winamp was back. It really kicks the llama’s ass. Nostalgia overwhelmed me (I remembered it being awesome). So, I got it and have not been able to figure out how to rip a CD with it. Tutorials online show menus my version doesn’t have. Hm. I found another beta version (5.8infinity) but the .exe file wouldn’t even open. Gah.

VLC: I already use this to play videos on my Mac. Purportedly, it will also rip your music CDs and connect to your existing library and all is cool. Nope. It will rip one track at a time (!), not whole albums at a time (!), but I have little patience for troubleshooting and this wouldn’t even start so, not an option. I’ll keep it for videos, though.

Here are a pile others I looked at and rejected. Either they were limited trial then pay, or all pay, or would play MP3 but wouldn’t rip CD, or were only for Windows, or were more for video than music…

Clementine, Vox, Tomahawk, Fre:ac, Fidelia, MediaMonkey, Musique, MusicBee, Swinsian, Elmedia, JustPlay, 5KPlayer, Nightingale, Plexamp, and WALTR2…

At this point, I might just have to become a pirate. Download MP3s of the albums I have here to match my existing CDs, stick them in a folder, and use any one of the above as a player only. VLC would likely do that. Downsides to that are a) it’s illegal, and b) I am very unlikely to find every album I have on CD, and c) I think maybe the temptation would become, well, since I’m here, what would it hurt to get other albums I don’t actually own…

Or maybe I need to just go old school, give up on having access to music in MP3, and just play my CDs and LPs.

Whatever the case, it doesn’t seem I can trust iTunes anymore, and I’d have to buy a whole new computer in order to get their new set-up. I may have to buy a new computer someday sooner rather than later anyway, but I need a solution for today.

10 thoughts on “iTunes iSsues

  1. Sarca says:

    Sorry in advance for my verbose response…Oh man, I hear ya. It’s like what we talked about last week – Apple is moving on with Apple Music and there is nothing you can do about it. I am not an Apple fan-grrl. I am more familiar with Windows and Android. But, I used to be a big fan of iTunes, as much as I hated it too. But, really, it WAS the best mp3 player out there. I used it with my iTouch and it worked perfectly (RIP iTouch).

    As for today, I have something like 30 gigs of music on my Samsung phone, and I cannot get anything to play them on my computer. iTunes won’t work so I’ve given up that ghost. I’ve tried the Llama’s ass, nope. Clementine, nope. Not long I discovered there are damn security issues that won’t allow an app to play my files through my phone – I’d have to copy them over onto the computer – but this is a work computer, so no thanks to that. It seems that every which way, the universe is forcing me to stream music if I want to listen to any at work. I know people who’ve gotten a bluetooth speaker, but I am not paying for that jazz. I already have speakers connected to my computer!! Sure, I could put music on a terabyte external, but gee, I already have 30 gigs on my phone! Anyway, you and I seem to be old-skool in our approach to playing music I guess. I’ve given up and now I listen to accuradio at work because I’ve tried it all.

    As another aside: Exact Audio Copy will rip your CDs fuly, however it’s only Windows compatible. As another aside: yes, I’m pretty sure Apple is attempting to sunset iTunes to get people to move on with Music. I hate it, I don’t agree with it. Windows is guilty of this too with the paint app and with their WMP, VLC has done it too (I can no longer play blu-rays in VLC post update. Good luck! 😦


    1. keepsmealive says:

      No worries – I appreciate a lengthy reply on a subject like this! You nailed it: “I used to be a big fan of iTunes, as much as I hated it too.” This. It was great, but I always ranted that it was trying to do too much all in one program, way too complicated and clunky, and proprietary up the wazoo. I suppose they’ve tried to fix that by separating it out into three different programs now, so they listened to me! Ha.

      I moved all of my MP3 off my 500gb iMac hard drive onto an external, just to make space. All I’d really need is a player that works and can read the library smoothly and update itself simply whenever I add new things. It doesn’t seem to be too much to ask. So far, I’ve still been using iTunes to rip CDs because it’s the only thing I can find for Mac that does it. But I immediately move the folder from the iTunes library over to the main music storage folder, because I know that iTunes will inevitably lose its path to that music.

      I haven’t ever put music on my phone (my phone is basically a text machine and a camera for on-the-spot kids shots), but I feel your pain. I’d have to do it through iTunes (it’s an iPhone, and an old 6s at that – all my tech is old!). I do like the bluetooth speaker idea. Then it would be portable too! You can find good ones at Christmas time on crazy sales. My brother-in-law has one and it sounds great. I have my computer hooked to the amp of my component stereo, and I run that through two big, beautiful old Toronto-made PSB speakers, so I’ve got sound capacity galore, I just need the player to get it there!

      VLC said it would play my MP3 library, but you have to add one track at a time. F THAT. I know my old and busted stuff is eventually gonna be completely useless, I’ll have to buy something new eventually. I mean, why would they support a 9-year-old computer, I get it. So part of me understands, and part of me is sad – I understood the old way well enough to be able to use it, and I’m an old dog – it’s difficult to teach me new tricks!


  2. 2loud2oldmusic says:

    No, you can’t trust it. It is too old and unsupported so probably real glitchy by now as you have said. I have the Music one now and it is fine, just a little slow upon opening but that could be I have so much music in there. And I use Chrome as safari stinks. I finally had to move on from 2007 Mac a few years ago for those very reasons you mention about your 2011.

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    1. keepsmealive says:

      We live parallel lives, in a way! I had to move on from a 2007 MBPro because I’m a doofus and never used it as a portable laptop, never took it anywhere – just left it plugged in all the time at the desk, and it killed the battery. I am a superhero. So I got this 2011 iMac because it was clear I just needed a desktop, and it’s still here. It’s been a good run – to be honest, most of the issues I’ve had really have been caused by me not knowing what I was doing. But now it seems like things are not being supported and it may be time for me to get a new one.

      I still use Safari, don’t have an issue with it. Of course, I’m not complicated in my needs, just the blog, Google and YouTube, and occasionaly online music purchases {koffkoff}, mainly. I’ve tried Firefox and Chrome on other computers and found them bulky and full of unnecessary stuff (for me). To each their own!

      Eventually I’ll just have to get a new computer. Fun! But also tiring, just thinking about it. Also the cost… ach, well, if I can get another 9 years out of the next one, it won’t be so bad when averaging the cost over time…

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        1. keepsmealive says:

          Totally! When I get a new one, I’m gonna keep this 2011 iMac as a stand-alone photo storage unit, all the kid pics/videos. It still works, it just won’t be on the internet or anything, just a place to offload the phone and the DSLR.

          I had to ditch my 2007 MBPro because it was part of a recall I didn’t hear about, and the screen just went black one day. Nice. Well, that and the dying battery…

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