Atoms For Peace – Default

Another super-cool limited edition, embossed 12” LP single from Amok.

Default b/w What The Eyeballs Did, and Default (Instrumental Edit)

And at risk of repeating myself here, the non-album tracks here should’ve been included on Amok. I’d totally have been OK with an extended track list. I get that there was a vision for the playlist, but the b-sides were as strong as the album tracks. Amok was only 44 minutes long, they had plenty of space to include this other stuff.

Also, for those collectors out there who are really into this stuff, there were also a bunch of single-sided, single-song, limited edition 12” LP singles released for Amok: Unless, Amok, Reverse Running, Dropped, Ingenue, and Stuck Together Pieces. Cool.


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