Bach – Brandenburgische Konzerte Nr. 4, 5 & 6

The Berliner Philharmoniker.

Herbert Von Karajan.

Deutsche Grammophon LP. 




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  1. So, how many albums was that in the As?


    • Man, that’s a good question, I wasn’t counting! Is that a stat I should keep?

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      • I would say yes, but it depends on how important that info is to you.


        • I like stats as much as the next guy, but I may do another cull here at some point, and trying to sort it all out would make me bonkers… I’ll see!

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          • Well, don’t go bonkers for it!


            • Lol I win, I’m already bonkers! But yeah, man, this collection is so fluid, it would be a nightmare keeping fully accurate lists. This series of posts is just everything that is here right now…

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              • I keep everything in a speadsheet. We have 111 As, 127 Bs, 159 Cs….


                • Oh man a spreadsheet. That’s my wheelhouse. I don’t currently have Excel, just Open Office, which is fine but not laid out the same way I’m used to… I do keep a list in a text file so I can have a small file size with my on my phone.

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                  • I use Google sheets. I have a link to it on my phone. I bought CDs I already have once too often.


                    • I don’t know Google Sheets, but from the link idea I assume that requires data on your phone to access the internet to look that up, and I don’t have data on my phone. Hm. My .txt file is simple enough for an old man like me, I guess.

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                    • You can download them when your hooked up to WiFi, make changes when your not, then it will update when you get back on WiFi. Or, at least you used to be able too. I went data plan about 3-5 years ago. Now there is no going back. It is an invaluable tool!


                    • The only time I ever need data on my phone is when I’m in a record store and wondering if something is priced fairly. But that happens rarely, and I just text James and he looks it up for me. And I haven’t been in a record shop in ages. The rest of the time, I really don’t need internet everywhere I go. Not that I go far, you know… Some places here have free Wifi, too, but again, I don’t get out much. We keep our cell phones cheap – they’re just text machines for us. Rarely even use them as phones (our last plan gave us 60 minutes/month, and we didn’t even use that). We only got them for my lovely wife’s commute as a safety/contact thing – better to be able to call for help if she ever ended up in a snowbank due to icy roads, etc.

                      Fun update: Our kids just got new laptops for their remote schooling, and we got them Office on a family thing, so now I get to have Excel on my computer again! I haven’t used it in years, but it’s still gotta be better than Open Office’s layout. I don’t know if this will lead to me making a spreadsheet of the albums here, the .txt file works fine and carries way less baggage.

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                    • Geez, this is more you’ve written than your last 12 post combined! lol I use Waze for driving into the city. Helps keep me from running into traffic jams which are starting to become a thing again. I look up prices when I’m in the store too. We no longer have a home phone. Only cells. Anyone who ever bothered to call us would only use the cell numbers anyway. I mostly just call Sarah, my Mom, or my Sister. But not often. It is mostly texts now.


                    • Ha, yeah, I’m trying to keep the posts short and sweet, more of a heads-up on an album, not really my opinion about anything on it. The Youtube video lets the music speak for itself, too. Still, I suppose it’s understood that if I own it, it must be awesome. I am more than willing to move things on if I don’t like them…

                      When we went to the city, we followed the same route and parked in the same place every damn time. If I hit traffic, well, we wait. Things don’t open til 11 am anyway, and we’re usually early and making good time up til that point, so it’s OK.

                      We still have a landline phone, for the kids. If something happens to me, say, while I’m home with them, they can just grab the phone and call for help instead of mucking around with a cellphone.And they’re almost old enough now to be home without us (by law) so it’s a great option for them to have, in any case. We will likely get them cellphones eventually, but we’re in no rush.

                      We text, mostly, as well. Losing the art of actual conversation LOL BRB FML. Ha.

                      And look at that, another 12 posts-worth of writing!

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                    • You’re on a roll!

                      I have to drive into the city everyday for work. Luckily, I don’t work right down town, but I’m far enough in that traffic can effect my arrival time. There are a couple of ways of getting in and out of there and it is random as to which route will be jammed up on any given day. So, that alone makes it worth it. Everything else is just a bonus.


                    • I don’t envy a daily drive into the city. If it’s any consolation, the way our town is geographically built into the valley of the escarpment (and up against the Bay), makes even getting across our small town can take 20 minutes. Especially with the main bridge on the main street out for construction this whole year.

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                    • I would love a 20 minute commute! lol

                      Well, I get a lot of album listening in during the drive.


                    • Yeah, but if you’ve been here you know the size of our town, and that it really ought to take ten minutes, tops. Or 5 if everyone else was off the road. Anyway, my lovely wife commutes an hour each way for work, but it’s all highway driving, different from in-city traffic. Of course, her trip runs along the Bay, so she gets ALL the awesome weather.

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