Sloan – Silence Trumps Lies

The mighty Slooooo-ooooaaaaan! have released a new single!

Of course, it’s awesome.

My huge thanks to everyone, especially James, who made me aware that it had dropped and made sure I heard it!

Dripping, at times, in tremolo, and backed with a swinging backbeat, this gently firm pure rock pop track does what Sloan has always done best: talk about one thing but totally also mean something else. It’s all done with clarity and heart, which only this band can do in this particular way.

Lacking an apostrophe in the title, as it does, this song is about relationships. But, given the politically-charged times in which we live, this is also totally a political song.

Pure genius. Sloan are Masters of their craft, and we are lucky to have them.



PS: Here’s the blurb Chris Murphy posted about the song:

“Chris Murphy said “I wanted to write a song about the importance of listening – whether to experts or the disenfranchised”.

It’s a song about people who won’t listen and won’t shut up, who are vain and can’t handle criticism, who talk about things for which they aren’t qualified and make promises they can’t keep.

As we are facing such profound global challenges including drastic climate change and racial injustice, it is imperative to remember that sometimes it is important to leave space for those with lived experience and studied expertise to take the floor.”

released October 1, 2020 
©2020 murderecords/Two Minutes For Music

all rights reserved

10 thoughts on “Sloan – Silence Trumps Lies

  1. Lana Teramae says:

    Great review and I see your point about the song having different meanings. Despite the title, you wouldn’t even think about Trump when listening to it. I thought it’d be an angry non-ballad type before going into it, but it has a great melody and it’s a beautiful song that serves its purpose, the importance of listening.


          1. mikeladano says:

            I look forward to have you on anytime you feel like you have something to contribute! It feels like such a long time ago, but back in June we did the phone interview experiment. It took a long time to get to this point and I’m really glad we did.

            Been listening to Sloan a bit more these days, but dang, I have holes in my collection that are hard to mend now. “Late tax” can be a bugger.


            1. keepsmealive says:

              June? Man, that was eight years ago, in this 2020, wasn’t it? Ha wow that’s cool. You’ve come a long way baby!

              Always recommend listening to more Sloan! Most of the albums can be had at reasonable prices, though I dunno about the US 2CD release of OCTA anymore. I assume you mean those LP live sets they did through the fanclub. Yeah some of those are silly expensive now. For me, it’s just get one when it comes out because SLOAN (and I have James to thank for helping out on several of them!) but I don’t really think of future value because SLOAN! 🙂


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah I immediately loved it, because Sloan! Adding an apostrophe here would make it an overtly political song only. I think they used the lack of apostrophe here strategically. It’s playful, like, they know everyone is going to read that title and think of the great orange hot mess, but if that song had come out any other time, it would still apply and make sense as it is. Same with the lyrics – these guys are such master of the craft that they wrote a song with two meanings, every line could be interpreted either way. Genius.

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