Bad Religion – The Process Of Belief

NB: I noticed that yesterday was my 200th day at home since this pandemic began. My last day of work was March 20. I’ve been here ever since. Through the layoff from work (which was only supposed to be two weeks), through a medical leave for reasons of childcare, and now providing remote school learning help for the kids as they’ve stayed home from school, at least for this term, as we watch numbers and the general state of things. 

200 days (well, today is 201). How am I coping with it? Pretty well, I should think, given the circumstances. Our kids are awesome, we’re really lucky. I went through a period of (kind of) giving up, in the early days. But now I’m back online in life, in full, working out every day (James thinks I’m nuts for taking my walk at 4 am), and getting things done as best I can. I will say that I might have thought being home this long would seem like a vacation, it is not. I work hard, stay busy, and that is helping me stay at it. I don’t even have booze to help me, haven’t taken a drink in 5 years, and even then it wasn’t much, but still.  That’s the kind of thing that might seem like it would help, but it’s usually only a crutch and a temporary evasion.

We’re getting through. I haven’t scratched 200 marks in the family room wall, I’m not wearing a bandana made from an old t-shirt and hiding behind the couch with an improvised spear made from the broom handle. Staying busy is holding it together. I’ve got family, music, and you guys. Thank you. 

We’ll see what happens from here, as ever. Stay safe, everyone.


Anyway, more Bad Religion! Because more Bad Religion is better! Are you enjoying this trip through the Bad Religion albums, those that I have here anyway, as much as I am? So much awesome.


7 thoughts on “Bad Religion – The Process Of Belief

  1. 2loud2oldmusic says:

    Crap. I have 5 days on you, we stopped the week before. I’ve only been to the office once to pick up some stuff and we have no word yet on when we go back. My guess it will be in 2021 sometime so I will tack on another 90 days easily.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah the kids have a week on me too, they were off for March Break and then never went back. 2021 isn’t that far, and I think we’ll all be glad to get 2020 in our hindsight (see what I did there)…

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  2. 80smetalman says:

    We’re all doing what we must to get through this. I’m grateful I work in the care industry and that I’ve been able to work all through it. We all need some ‘Bad Religion’ sometimes.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah I sometimes wish I was working, just for that sense of purpose and a chance to get out of the bloody house and get some perspective, so I count you (and everyone still working) lucky, in a way. But I also found purpose here as a parent, and a help with remote school learning. It’s the same as when I left my job for three years to raise the kids until they were both in school after my lovely wife went back to work following maternity leave. I contribute, just in other ways!

      We all need some Bad Religion often! At high volume!

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        1. keepsmealive says:

          I have my purpose, but that doesn’t stop my brain from wanting 1000 other things too! Yeah we’re coping OK, it’s definitely a 24 hour job. Love, patience, and repeating yourself, that’s pretty much parenting, in this experience.


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