Bad Religion – True North

Lucky me, this was the tour when I got to see them in concert (finally!). Fantastic stuff. I love this album, top to bottom. Is it my favourite? Well, maybe. Seeing the songs live definitely helped cement the album for me, but honestly I love them all. This one does get a lot of play, though…

Sadly, my CD copy is a bit scratched up somehow (probably because I play it so much), so if I ever find another one in the wild, I will be replacing my current copy.

Also, this wraps up all the Bad Religion I have here. Yes, there are several holes in my collection, which I intend to fill. But good news to those looking for something different, tomorrow I start with the next band in the alphabetization!


Oh man this is so good.

6 thoughts on “Bad Religion – True North

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah I’m keeping ’em tight, just putting stuff up and maybe a song will get somebody inspired to hear more. Just revisiting things, really.

      Not Badfinger, nope. Not Badmotorfinger in that slot, either.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Detail? Well maybe a little… glad you dig it! And thank you! I don’t get out much, so if your travels cough one up I’d happily exchange cash monies for a clean copy. In fact, I hope you find two – you need this too!


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