Count Basie – Compositions Of Count Basie & Others…

…With Members Of The Count Basie Orchestra, Maxwell Davis Conducting, B.B. King, Guest Vocalist.

NB: I made it so you can click on these images to make them bigger, read the liner notes, etc. Enjoy!


Oh yes, this 1959 Crown Records LP (CST 143) is a sweet thing indeed.

You get: on Side A: Everyday I Have The Blues (f. B.B. King), Red Bank Boogie, Jumpin’ At The Woodside, Every Tub. And on side B: April In Paris, Basie Boogie, John’s Idea, and One O’Clock Jump. Man, I love young B.B. vocals!

I grew up on stuff like this, and it punches many happy buttons for me. Best of all, despite the LP sleeve on this copy being in slightly rough shape, the thick vinyl itself is intact, and a beautiful, clear, deep red (as you can see in the pictures, above). Delicious!


Oh my goodness, such glory. You can’t hit Play fast enough! All 8 tracks attached to this one video. Enjoy them all! Let the majesty wash over you as you remember a different time…


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