Life’s A Beach

It’s been unseasonably warm here, recently. Reports of snow elsewhere (sorry, James!) clash with our past few days at over 20C. 

Now, we know this is too good to last. All the leaves have fallen from the trees, and we have the snow tires on the cars, and we know the winter is coming. I know a lot of people grumble about the winter but, me, I love it too. It’s all good.

So, when we get a last gasp of lovely weather here in November, there’s only one thing left to do – go to the beach! On Sunday, we took the kids over to Southampton for a walk along the beach, with Chantry Island lighthouse just offshore, and it was great to just get (probably) this year’s last warm look at the place before it all ices over.


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    1. keepsmealive says:

      The beach is magic. Even just a couple of hours, walking on the shore, can cure a lot of what ails you. I’ve been going to that area of beaches since before I was born. And now we get to take our kids there, the same magic for a new generation. Being November and all, we pretty much had the place to ourselves, relative to peak summer. Lovely!


            1. keepsmealive says:

              Hawaii, lovely! I’ve not yet been there, but one day I would love to visit. I’ve always felt we were lucky to be born here in Canada. It has its problems, like any place, but by and large it’s still a good place to be. Being Hawaiian, you might take a while adjusting to our winters, mind you… I love to travel internationally, and have been fortunate to visit four other countries so far in my life. I always have a great time, but I am always glad to come home too. As the mighty Sloan said in one of their hit songs, “One thing I know about The Rest Of My Life, I know that I’ll be living it in Canada!” Enjoy!

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              1. Lana Teramae says:

                Ah that’s so cool you’ve been able to travel to different countries in your lifetime. I never got a chance to visit other countries, but I will one day. I would love to experience a winter because the weather in Hawaii is lame. There’s no snow, so that’s a bummer. It’s also ridiculously hot here, but we have great food at least haha. Oh one more thing, we don’t get many concerts here, but Def Leppard came here twice (both I missed cause I wasn’t born yet and didn’t get into them until a year later). Is that how you got into Sloan, cause they’re from Canada?


                1. keepsmealive says:

                  Indeed, travel is fun! You’ll get there. An advantage to you is you could more easily visit Japan – a place I’d love to see. I haven’t done much travel in years, especially not since we had kids, but so far I’ve seen bits of the US (several different states, several different trips), Mexico, England, and Scotland. I’d love to see more! Winter is fun (I love it) though most people here grumble when it comes around. I’ve never understood – you’ll hate half your life if you hate winter, living here. Ah well. Having spent all my life in this climate, I’m not sure if I could handle non-stop tropical heat. For a holiday, sure, though! Don’t Eddie Vedder and Jack Johnson live out there on the islands? They’d have given great shows, though not recently thanks to Covid…Funny, being only 2.5 hours from Toronto as we are, there used to always be a ton of shows (pre-Covid) but I hardly ever went. It was much easier when we lived in Montreal, we’d just head over to the venue. Same in Saskatoon. Now it’s all that driving, expense in Toronto, very late night getting back… well, now it’s no events period. Gah. I think it’s cool you’ve been a lifelong Def Leppard fan. They’re pretty great. Do you have a favourite record of theirs? (I would just say the first four and be done with it, myself 🙂 ). I got into Sloan after being taken to one of their shows by a university friend ages and ages ago, and I’ve never looked back. I’m not certain their nationality played into it, but I’m glad they’re from here all the same.

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                  1. Lana Teramae says:

                    You’ve been to England? That’s so cool! I’ve always wanted to go there as well. Thanks to One Direction, don’t judge me haha. I’m glad you like the winter where you’re from. Something I need to work on is appreciating where I come from because I’m not a fan of Hawaii myself. I’m not familiar with Eddie Vedder and Jack Johnson, but according to Wikipedia, Johnson lives there. What made you move to Ontario? I can see how having kids can limit your traveling.

                    I’m actually not a lifelong fan of Def Leppard, I got into them summer 2019 and they last came to Hawaii in fall 2018. So I was a year late, I was supposed to see them on the stadium tour and I had VIP passes too, but that never happened thanks to covid. I ended up getting a refund because I didn’t want to take a gamble in case I couldn’t make the new date. It might’ve been a blessing in disguise cause Def Leppard wouldn’t have been the stars of the show and the setlist most likely would’ve been a greatest hits setlist. Hopefully when another opportunity comes, the VIP passes will be cheaper. As you know, Mötley Crüe make their stuff ridiculously expensive!

                    My favorite Def Leppard album is ‘Adrenalize,’ but ‘Pyromania’ would be my second favorite. That or ‘High ‘n’ Dry;’ around those three. You are a lifelong fan of Sloan for sure! What are your favorite albums and what do you like about them?


                    1. keepsmealive says:

                      I will try to answer all of your questions, let’s see… I have indeed been to England (and Scotland) twice in my life. First trip to England I was in London for three days, second trip I was in Oxford. One Direction away, have at it, I trust your taste as I can’t name a song of theirs, I don’t think… Eddie Vedder is the lead singer of Pearl Jam, and I’m pretty sure he has a place out in Hawaii somewhere. Jack Johnson has had a brilliant career making feel-good music (and before that as a surfer). You probably know his songs without realizing it was him. Did you watch the Curious George animated movie as a kid? Those were his songs. Etc.

                      My lovely wife and I grew up in Ontario, about 5 minutes apart, and went from kindergarten all the way through to end of high school together. My Dad taught her grade 4. Anyway, Ontario is home, but we did live in Montreal, QC for two years, and Saskatoon, SK for four years, before returning to Ontario in 2005. Come to think of it, this means I’ve known (and been friends with) my lovely wife for 41 years already. Kids can limit travel, but not really if you’re motivated. We just try to live simply but we will try to get them on a plane at some point after this whole Covid thing clears up.

                      Sorry to hear your Def Leppard experience didn’t work out. VIP would have been great!! I didn’t know about Motley Crue, but I know a friend who got the Metallica experience thing and that was expensive on levels I can’t even comprehend. Yup, I say the first four DL albums and I’m good haha. Of course I like later stuff too, but that’s what I reach for…

                      I’ve been a Sloan fan since 1993, my first year university, so yeah that’s a good long while, I guess. I’ve seen them in concert at least 5 times, over the years, even met a couple of the guys. They make music that makes me happy, and I love how they have equal songwriting duties and credits (a real democracy) and they switch instruments, even during shows (eg Chris Murphy usually plays bass and sings, but he is a fun drummer on some songs too, etc). Their harmonies and song structures are brilliant, and their clever word play is just icing on the cake. It’s hard for me to choose favourite albums of theirs, that to me is like choosing a favourite child (can’t do it) but if I look at it as recommending stuff to a new fan, I’d say get Twice Removed, One Chord To Another, Navy Blues, Beyond The Bridges and whatever’s newest (for reference). Really, you need them all – there are so many great, catchy, wonderful songs on all of their albums. If you have a streaming service that offers their stuff, I say dig in to all of it, I’ll wager you’ll enjoy!!

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                    2. Lana Teramae says:

                      Oh gosh! I’m sorry you had to put so much effort into answering my questions. I feel bad now, but thanks Aaron! Scotland and England? Wow, you’re so cool! I grew up with One Direction, so they’re kind of engraved in my memory haha. Ah I never knew Eddie Vedder and Jack Johnson live in Hawaii, I guess I need to pay more attention to the people that live in my home area. I have seen Curious George and I grew up with it actually. That’s kind of how it is for me, in terms of my musical taste. Queen for example, I heard their songs all my life, but had no idea who they were until I saw ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ So that’s cool Jack did the music for Curious George.

                      Ah Ontario was your home originally, but then you moved to Montreal for a couple of years and Sakatoon for four years, then moved back to Ontario. Got it! I can’t believe you’ve been friends with your wife for 41 years, you guys were meant to be soul mates! I think it’s cool you emphasize the simple way of life with not much travel, I think it’s important to enjoy life in your home area, especially now during covid.

                      Thank you, it’s fine. Hopefully I’ll get to see them live one day. Maybe I rushed it a bit and this happened for a reason, maybe I needed more time to indulge Def Leppard’s music before meeting them, after all, I only got into them last year haha. Oh gosh, glad I’m not willing to meet Metallica yet. I hope it was worth it for your friend. Yeah I like some of their later stuff too, but from start to finish, the first album through the fifth albums are bangers for me. Maybe ‘Slang’ as well. Not many people like ‘Adrenalize,’ but that’s fine.

                      Wow, all of Sloan’s albums are bangers?!?! I have to check this band out, then again if they wrote a song called “Silence Trumps Lies” and have it mean something else, they must be geniuses. They sound like a great band. The songwriting credit is a plus since that was a huge issue for Queen and other bands I’m sure.

                      I’ll be sure to check out your recommended picks. How did you meet some of the guys?


                    3. keepsmealive says:

                      Oh it’s no trouble, I’m enjoying the chat. Well, I remember hearing Eddie had a place out there, not sure if it’s a permanent residence. Johnson though, yeah, Hawaii’s home. He has a cool studio out there that is very environmentally friendly. My kids grew up on Curious George too, and know all those songs by heart. You can pick up any Jack Johnson album and it’s all good. Truly, it’s impossible to have road rage listening to him.

                      Yeah, my lovely wife and I have known each other and been friends 41 years but didn’t start dating each other until we were a few years out of high school. Been together 22 years, married 17… crazy how life goes sometimes (not that I’m complaining, she’s truly amazing)! It’s funny, sitting here, thinking Man I’d like to try living in Hawaii until I got tired of it, but I think it’s the same everywhere – what you’re used to becomes, well, just more of what you’re used to, and the grass starts to look greener on the other side. We always moved for school or for work, and travel usually had a reason/plan. Like our honeymoon, we did Saskatoon-ON (home)-Montreal-Halifax-Saskatoon. We saw family and friends in each place as well as touring a bit for ourselves (though Halifax not so much as a hurricane hit during our stay, what a life). Or like every US trip I’ve made, there was a plan (Boston and Chicago, band trips, Indianapolis for the 500, Orlando for Disney, etc). Anyway, I forgot to mention we’ve also seen a few Canadian provinces as well, not just where we’ve lived. We eventually learned we could visit places without actually moving there (ha!). But traveling in Canada is awesome. So much beauty, so much space… the more I see of it, the more I love it.

                      I’ll bet Def Leppard would be thrilled to meet a new fan, someone with fresh perspective. Do what pleases you! I honestly probably haven’t heard all of the DL albums, but Mike makes sure I hear most of them (he’s sent me a few). Yeah, my buddy liked the Metallica experience. We’re all big fans, so it’s all cool.

                      I like how you describe good albums as “bangers.” Any UK readers would wonder where the ‘mash’ to go with it is… bangers and mash is yummy food! Anyway, it’s true, all Sloan albums are great albums, and that’s not just the bias of a fan talking. If you can dig the sound, it’s all a goldmine. I met Chris Murphy with my KMA brother James after a Saskatoon show in 2003 (about a month after that hurricane honeymoon, which was cool because they’re from Halifax and Chris was glad to get some news of home from someone who’d been there). Then I met Chris (again) and Patrick together after a show here in Meaford, close to my home. Just super-nice guys. And I think I stood next to Jay in a record shoppe in Toronto one time but he seemed to be keeping to himself and moved on quickly, and I didn’t want to fanboy all over him. Plus it may not have been him… Andrew (the drummer) seems most elusive. Maybe one day! I think they live in Toronto now, so if Covid ever ends and I can get back to the city for a day, who knows. There’s only 5+ million people there, what are the chances? 😉

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                    4. Lana Teramae says:

                      Jack Johnson sounds like a lovely guy. I’m jealous he found the beauty of living in Hawaii cause I’m still working on that myself. Your kids are 11 and 9 now right? How are they?

                      Wow, so you’ve been travelling your whole life it sounds like. Canada sounds amazing and it’s cool how Ontario, Montreal, Halifax, and Saskastoon are different from each other. I guess being from the US, I had these expectations for places like Canada and Latin America, but it turns out they’re more different than I thought they were. Different weather conditions, different scenery, different everything!

                      I had a drawing I was going to give Rick as thank you for inspiring me to become a better person (him and Steve Clark), but it is what it is. When I get new VIP passes, I can prepare a nicer drawing for him. As far as the later Def Leppard studio albums goes, after ‘Adrenalize,’ I like ‘Slang,’ ‘Euphoria,’ and ‘X.’ I can’t get into ‘Yeah,’ ‘Songs from the Sparkle Lounge,’ and their self-titled studio album. Not yet at least. Metallica is a great band and they’re such great guys too, that’s why they became one of my new favorite bands. I’m glad your friend loved the experience. Have you had a similar experience with another band you like, besides Sloan?

                      Haha, thanks! One of my favorite music reaction YouTubers (though I don’t watch much of their stuff now), the guys always call a great song a “banger” and it just stuck with me and it’s fun to say.

                      Woah I guess that’s the positive of admiring a band from Canada, technically they could be everyday people you run into once in a while. I hope you get your chance one day to talk to Jay and Andrew too. You never know, anything can happen! 🙂


                    5. keepsmealive says:

                      You can find the beauty of where you are. Try looking at it from the perspective of someone from somewhere else – how would they see your home, the simple things in your daily life, what you maybe walk right past without thinking of it? It doesn’t feel I’ve been traveling my whole life, but I have been a few places, so maybe more than I think. Especially when we were younger. Canada is definitely varied, and gorgeous. Still happy to be a Canadian!

                      Rick would love that drawing, if you do another – give him both! Tell them they inspired you to be a better person, that would make their day. I haven’t met too many other musicians, Harry Connick, Jr. one time (very briefly), and I got B.B. King’s autograph but I didn’t get to talk to him as it was stage-front and the band was still jamming. But another band I love unreservedly, a band that has been a part of the fabric of this nation for a long time, is the Tragically Hip. Their music is so much a part of my formative teen years and I’m still listening now. The lyrics just say ‘Canada’ to me, somehow (even when they’re not mentioning place names, etc, which sometimes they do), and they feel like home. The music is brilliant. Sadly the lead singer Gordon Downie passed away a couple of years ago of brain cancer, and it gutted the nation. They’re OUR band, something even folks who don’t dig them can acknowledge by way of impact. I got to see them in concert twice, in all these years, and probably should have moreso. They just always seemed to be around so next time, you know? Now they’re done. Alas.

                      Yeah anything’s possible in a city the size of Toronto. I wonder if/when we’ll ever get back there. I miss hitting up the record shoppes!

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                    6. Lana Teramae says:

                      Yeah, that’s true! Hawaii does have beautiful scenery. I’ll give Hawaii props for that! Glad you’re happy to be Canadian. When I get enough money, I’m checking out Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Saskatoon, and all of that. Especially the record stores for new CDs, haha.

                      Oh I’ll give him the drawing one day for sure (maybe I’ll do a new one if not), along with a letter explaining my story. Fingers crossed! Harry Connick Jr.? Wow, I’m not a fan, but he was a judge on ‘American Idol,’ so that’s cool! I’m sorry to hear the lead singer of Tragically Hip passed away. Thankfully, you saw them in concert twice, so I’m glad you got to see Gordon while he was still alive.

                      If only covid would go away. Your record shop videos with Mike were entertaining, I really enjoyed them. Weren’t some of the shops not as good though, they didn’t collect much rare stuff anymore?


                    7. keepsmealive says:

                      Canada has great, and varied, scenery as well, but scenery is only a small part of the actual living experience. I thought that while we were in London, England, being geek tourists and checking out major sites. The locals were just walking blithely past ancient, beautiful buildings on their daily business. Live somewhere long enough, I guess, and the beauty all blends into the background. You’d better book some serious holiday time off if you want to check out all of thse Canada cities (and more), especially if you’re driving! Flying would be costly, overall…

                      Yeah I’ve been a Harry fan since high school. The first CD I ever bought, for my first-ever CD player, was one of his. I don’t watch the Idol shows, but he fits into my jazzy listening no problem. Gordie’s passing pretty much gutted the nation and somehow I still don’t feel like things are quite right… that band became more than a band for a lot of folks. They were us, you know, but reflecting us back to us, if that makes any sense.

                      Glad you liked those videos Mike puts together of our forays into the wilds of Taranna, he puts a lot of work into those – I just show up and say silly things. Shoppes were hit and miss, even the good ones, though there were some that we always hit up that generally have a few things that we want to bring home! As for rare stuff, perhaps you’re remembering Mike’s rant about the Japanese imports…

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                    8. Lana Teramae says:

                      I guess for me since I never payed attention to it before, that’s why the scenery in Hawaii is new to me. Probably why the scenery and buildings in Canada are blended into your mind cause you got used to seeing them. Yikes! I’d need to save up for a long stay to check out everything in Canada then!

                      Wow, so Harry must have some sentimental value to you if he was the first CD you ever bought. I think I understand what you mean about Gordie. So his band was more than a band and the music became apart of the folks back in Canada, so its almost like you have a connection with the band. Is that correct?

                      He filmed those videos on his phone too yeah? So props to Mike for that! I probably am thinking about those Japanese imports cause I know Mike was upset when he couldn’t find the Kiss Japanese import he wanted. By the way, I was impressed by your CDs that you bought because I always assumed you guys liked only rock stuff, so it was cool to see that variety!


                    9. keepsmealive says:

                      I read books about mindfulness occasionally, great reminders to just be in the present moment and appreciate what you have and what’s right there in front of you. I think I am more used to the things I see every day but I try not to take them for granted. Like the snow, we had a bit here yesterday and we’re supposed to get 10-15cm today. A lot of people will complain, it’s natural, but for myself I enjoy it because it is what it is, and I love the snow anyway. Something about that cold air in your lungs, refreshing. As for travel in Canada, yes, it’s costly, but that’s largely (pun intended) due to our expansive geography making it expensive. It can cost as much (if not more) to go somewhere in Canada as it would for me to get a flight to the UK. Maddening, really. Of course, there are more flights to London than to anywhere in Canada, I’d wager, and it’s a comparable distance, especially Halifax to Vancouver, something like that. Anyway, it’s a big space to cover!

                      Harry does have sentimental value for me. I’ve been playing his music since high school, which was well over half a lifetime ago, so he’s just always been there, it seems. And he seems a lovely guy too, if he’s not your taste in music, check out his show (it’s on YouTube). We met him in 1994 at a signing on the day of the gig we saw at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto. Great day. The Hip are so much a part of Canada as to be indistinguishable from each other, on some level, at this point. We of a generational age connected with them and they wrote about us and our experience and, being uniquely Canadian, it all became one. Gord’s passing was like losing a close family member, for 35 million people simultaneously. Even folks who aren’t fans felt the passing, understood its weight. Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

                      Yeah Mike just used his phone to film that stuff. I sure hope we can get back down there for another trip soon. This damn covd crap needs to just go away. Mike was indeed put out by that whole Japanese imports thing, but record shoppes are always hit and miss, and not all staff are knowledgeable. I like all kinds of music (as you noticed, thanks!), with a few exceptions, so it’s like fishing in a barrel for me, and every trip guarantees a pile of goodies. Variety is the spice of life, after all…

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                    10. Lana Teramae says:

                      Ah that’s cool you read mindfulness books, I can see how those might be therapeutic in a way also. But I like that you don’t take stuff for granted. It makes you appreciate what you have more. That’s one of the things I’ve learned from covid, which is to never take stuff for granted. I hope to witness snow again because the last time I saw snow was when I was in Chicago for my high school marching band trip in 2014 (I never got to play in it sadly). Canada must really be obscure if there are not many flights to places there. I forgot to mention that one of my favorite shows, Degrassi, is filmed in Toronto, so that place is definitely on my bucket list!

                      Aww I’m glad you had a lovely time meeting Harry. I remember seeing your amps in your background during Mike’s livestreams (I think they’re called amps, correct me if I’m wrong), so I was wondering if you played, now I know. Though I don’t think Harry uses amps for his songs, does he? That is awesome knowing that The Hip became a part of everyone’s life and how you felt a connection with their music. It’s even more powerful when people are sad about the passing of a member from a band they never showed much interest in before.

                      I hope covid goes away soon too. Did you hear we might get vaccines soon? From Pfizer and Moderna. Well in the U.S. that is, I don’t know if Canada has something else going on for vaccines.

                      Variety is good, I agree! I’m glad I kept my old Justin Bieber CDs to reminisce on the good times I had back in elementary school. That’s why I love Def Leppard’s ‘X’ album, it’s a pop album that takes me back to listening to pop music growing up.


                    11. keepsmealive says:

                      Mindfulness books do exactly that, remind you of this moment and where you are, what you have. Centering. I try to never take stuff for granted, though I probably still do. I loved Chicago. Marching band! What did you play? I was a trumpet play for seven years in school – still have my horn here! Canada’s not obscure, just huge, so flights are costly based on distance, same as everywhere else. I never watched Degrassi, but I know that was done in Toronto. Definitely a cool city to check out.

                      Yeah those are indeed amps (amplifiers), and are for my electric guitars (I have four amps, for three electric guitars, and I also have one acoustic which doesn’t have a pick-up). I try to play every day. Harry’s a piano player, so I’m sure for shows he’s mic’d up and run through a soundsystem, but he could just sit at any old piano and knock your socks off. And yeah, to me, the Hip are Canada, in the blood, the fabric, just… us. I can’t recommend them enough.

                      Vaccines will comes, I’m sure. Will see how it goes. Justin Bieber is Canadian too, when we went to Stratford the tourist office has maps you could take to show where all his favourite hometown spots were, ha!

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                    12. Lana Teramae says:

                      That sounds relaxing. What are some of your favorite mindfulness books? I played percussion (front ensemble with all the xylophones and marimbas, but I was auxiliary). It’s confusing to explain if you’re not a percussionist. You played trumpet? And you kept your horn too? Nice! Do you remember what it was like playing it? Ah ok, Canada is not obscure, just the flights are expensive based on distance and how far you want to explore the area. Got it! Oh Degrassi is a great show, though the earlier seasons were better. The last season I watched for real was season 13.

                      Phew I got it right! You have acoustic and electric guitars, wow! What are your favorite songs to play on electric? Oh I’ve seen Harry play the piano on Idol and he’s pretty good. I don’t know too much about piano, I only know Elton John and Freddie Mercury play. Oh and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Just the name, The Hip, that sounds like a star name.

                      I hope vaccines come soon. As I’ve been telling Kevin, John, and Mike this: AC/DC are not getting any younger and they need to tour pronto! If only people would take this virus seriously. The elections did not help one bit (that’s enough politics). Yeah Justin plays a factor into why I want to go to Canada too. Oh boy, wouldn’t it be cool to visit the Avon Theatre, where he used to play before he got famous haha!


                    13. keepsmealive says:

                      I love a book by Jon Kabat-Zinn called Wherever You Go There You Are. There are others, but somehow I always come back to that one. Percussion! So cool. I was drummer in a rock band for a while in the mid-90s, loved it. I did play trumpet, worked my up from 4th chair to first, and soloist! Hard work gets you everywhere ha. I do remember what it’s like to play it, and I remember most of the scales, still. As it’s still here, I can play whenever I like, good times.

                      Favourite songs to play? I dunno, I just throw on a CD and jam along. I love noodling solo-like to the earlier Fleetwood Mac greatest hits set (when they were still a blues band). The Hip, Neil Young, some metal and punk, again I dunno. Whatever mood strikes.

                      Yeah it’s the Tragically Hip, but we all just call them the Hip and everyone knows who you mean. I try to stay out of politics on the blog, but you’re right, it’s broken and needs fixing. I remember sending the Bieber star map to James, but he’s in Regina so that’s a bit of a commute. (understatement, there). Not sure I’ve been to the Avon, but definitely to the Festival theater a few times for Shakespeare. Best one was Tempest with Christopher Plummer. Awesome stuff.

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                    14. Lana Teramae says:

                      Ah cool! I’ll have to check that book out one day. Indeed hard work gets you everywhere. You played drums too? Now that Chris Slade vibe is coming back to me. I tried out for Wind I (the top concert band at my school) since sophomore year, before finally getting in my senior year.

                      Fleetwood Mac is a classic. Music varies by mood and you play what suits you, I respect that! Oooh punk, nice! You really like a variety of music.

                      Yeah I avoid politics overall cause I don’t want to stir drama. Wow, Christopher Plummer. I only saw him in ‘The Sound of Music,’ I didn’t know he did other stuff?


                    15. keepsmealive says:

                      You can usually find that book in used shoppes. I always rescue them and give them to people. I did play drums, loved every second of it. Chris Slade vibe? I liked Fleetwood fine as a pop radio megahit, but their early blues is where it’s at for me when jamming on guitar. Yeah my collection spans classical to punk, jazz to metal, rap to oldies, soundtracks to, well, just about anything you get the idea. But all chosen with taste, natch, ha! Plummer had a long and varied career. Always worth it. His biography is also a great read.

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                    16. Lana Teramae says:

                      Ah cool, was this before you switched to guitar? Yeah, I said you looked like Chris Slade on Mike’s live stream and he plays drums so…yeah! I don’t know much about Fleetwood Mac’s blues stuff, but I’ll admit I liked when Richie Sambora focused on blues for his first solo album, by the time he did his third solo album, he went straight hard rock. It was a good album, but nothing compares to his earlier stuff! Ah your taste is everything, that’s cool! That explains why you cover so many artists on your blog. Oooh I love reading bios, and I saw that he’s 90 years old (going to be 91 this year), wow!

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                    17. keepsmealive says:

                      I had to think back, but no I was playing guitar before I got that (brief) drumming gig. Not that I would play guitar in a band, I’m not that good. I need to Google this Slade guy – if he looks like me, he’s a lucky man!

                      Yeah I like a little bit of (almost) everything, musically, though I respect guys like Mike who (generally) cover one genre. 90 years young, you mean!

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                    18. Lana Teramae says:

                      Oh guitar before drums briefly. I’m sure you’re good, everyone says they’re not that good, but that’s normal. In all honesty, I’m sure you’re better than me. Wait Chris Slade who played with AC/DC a few times (as I call it), you never heard of him? Then again, I know you’re not a super fan like Kevin. Technically, Slade isn’t a lucky man because he got fired by AC/DC twice.

                      Mike is a cool guy and I respect he’s liked the same bands all these years. The longest I’ve liked an artist was three years for One Direction (before taking a break from their music in 2013-2019, then I got into them again). Yes, 90 years young, which makes me more sad that a man his age has to go through this dang pandemic!

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                    19. keepsmealive says:

                      I don’t tend to keep up with personnel changes in bands unless it’s singers, usually. Now you say it, I do remember something about that, but again, I’m just here for the tunes not the drama.

                      I’ve known Mike a long time, ever since I used to go in and bug him during his record store days, starting when, 1996? Crazy. Both he and his lovely wife are awsome folks. Longest I’ve liked a band? Gotta be the Stones… my first tape of theirs I got when I was maybe 11, so 35 years? Yeah, a little while.

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                    20. Lana Teramae says:

                      Good for you, I love that! You enjoy the music and avoid the drama, that’s a lesson to live by.

                      1996? Congrats on staying friends after all these years. I remember watching those early record store road trip videos and I hardly recognized you. A lot can happen in five years. Yeah I saw the Judas Priest live stream where Mike’s wife helped him shave his head. She seems nice and she’s been through a lot too. Ah the Stones nice! I hope to like a band for 35 years one day, as long as they’re alive by the time I get there cause I’m heading into the 70s/80s bands for my taste nowadays. The Rolling Stones came to Hawaii a few times, the last time was 1998 I think. I wasn’t even born yet!

                      Liked by 1 person

          1. mikeladano says:

            Where we are, the snowplows don’t dare go, so it’s trudging through deep snow. As kids, we loved it! For Jen with mobility issues, not so much. I do remember walking out onto the frozen lake many times…falling in once…


                1. keepsmealive says:

                  Oh whew! That’s at least a bit better, though still nervewracking. Back to the car and crank the feet heater setting! But yeah man, I don’t walk on the ice. We have a lot of ice fishermen here, out on the Bay every year, and you couldn’t pay me enough to join them. Nope no way. The only time I have ever walked on the ice was at Lake Louise one Easter weekend, and only because a pick-up truck with a plow on the front of it drove out ahead of us to clear a path. If a truck didn’t fall through, I figured the ice was thick enough.


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