Manipulant – Almost Elegant

Manipulant very kindly sent me an advance link to Almost Elegant, which drops December 4, 2020. I love getting sneak previews on great music! Especially from an artist who has established themselves in these pages as a great creator! Here’s a sneak peek at what to expect…

I Am Free features Lee “Scratch” Perry, and is atmospheric, with a pulse that grows beautifully. I love the Tom Waits-ish clank and stomp of Ghost Farm, and the slinky yet bluesy pop of Wet Chicken (Explicit). Tuesday At The Park offers a descriptive walk through the park via effect-laden voice, while The Ships is a whispered fever dream of electronic simplicity. 

The Caller has a relentless, hypnotic beat and more narration, seeking and answering. Not A Freak sees the return of Lee “Scratch” Perry, echoing and speaking/preaching truth. I Am Free is a soundscape, a soundtrack, a sound expedition, while Wet Chicken (Radio Edit) cleans up track 3, though it’s no less playful and catchy. I Am Free (Glove Of Bones Ali Dub) adds a story and poem (I won’t give it away here) over colliding elements, and I Am Free (Return Of The Stoneygate Remix) is exactly that, and it’s a soulful keeper.

Long-time Readers of the KMA know I love it when artists submit their original work for review. And, since he’s sent multiple releases to date, you’ll also know from previous posts that I’m very much a fan of Manipulant’s work. Perhaps best of all, it’s not my usual music, but I deeply appreciate it because it always shows me new worlds that unfold with fearlessness, creativity, and edge. Here, as usual, each track taken individually is its own universe, yet the album still absolutely holds together as a whole. Now that’s art.

This was exactly what was needed to see us out of this year.

Get yours on December 4, 2020! 

Manipulant Home 
Submarine Broadcasting Company
Pink Dolphin Music
Girly Girl Musik

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