Hawksley Workman – Hawksley Night In Canada #5: At Christmas

What a true Christmas gift!

My lovely wife and I both love to listen to Hawksley, and we’ve been to see him in concert a couple of times. We haven’t been able to go to shows, so she booked me a seat at his online Hawksley Night In Canada Christmas show last night, my first ever time attending. Brilliant!

This was #5 in his online series. Flanked either side by a lovely Christmas tree on one side and Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree on the other, and introduced by Ron McLean, Hawksley introduces Mr. Lonely on the keys (yay!). They dive straight into a great take of Claire Fontaine. Next it was Learn How To Knit and A House Or Maybe A Boat. All favourites around here!

First Intermission: We’re introduced to Lucinda Hawksley (they’re looking for a familial connection), who gave us a brief look at some cool sites around London, covid edition. Back to the room, they play Common Cold, The Rebel Jesus (I guess it’s called), and a truly funky awesome version of one of my favourite-ever Hawksley songs, Safe And Sound. 

Second Intermission: Fans submitted pictures of their pets (mostly cats and dogs, though a couple of chickens and guinea pigs), so we saw a montage of all the cuteness with music in the background. Then Hawksley takes us for an hilarious, quick wander around his neighbourhood to check out all of the festive Christmas lights. NICE LIGHTS!!

More songs to come! This segment starts with First Snow Of The Year, then Almost A Full Moon (Let’s Make Some Soup), and the classic Three Generations. All three were superb. Naturally!

Third Intermission: Hawk Talk sees Hawksley receiving phone calls from fans, from Halifax, Edmonton, Toronto, Rocky Mountain House, and others. It was lovely to hear them just checking in, keeping it cool, connecting in general. Then Ron McLean came back to show off a couple of his hockey LPs (I thought of my Bobby Orr LP).

Three more songs to end the gig: Snowmobile, with it’s excellent line about not knowing the ratio for gas and oil but now it’s too late to ask, haha! Ice Age was gorgeous, complete with harmonica solo. And finally, Merry Christmas (I Love You), and we all knew it was heartfelt. 

True greatness.


This show reminded me of the old Knox Acoustic Cafe shows we used to see here in my town, more specifically the house concerts we attended. It’s comforting and warm, close and connected. I can’t think of any other artist who sounds like, or whose music makes me feel like Hawksley does, and we love him!

Thank you to my lovely wife for this concert ticket gift!

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