The KMA 2020 Stats (I Think)

I saw other blogs posting about their 2020 stats, and I would have put up ours too. However, they usually come in an email and I don’t remember seeing that… so I did some digging and I may have found the right stats (I dunno I’m no expert). 

I think I found some interesting stuff? Or not, you might not care. Still, the KMA 2020 looked like this (with 2019 stats in brackets, for comparison, in Common Stats section):

Common Stats

Views: 8193  (9753)
Visitors: 3174  (5100)
Views Per Visitor: 2.58  (1.91)
Posts Published: 305  (175)
Likes: 2509  (2102)
Comments: 2242  (1627)

* 305 posts in the year is cool, the other 60 days missed would have come before I started posting every day again (back in May).


As of today (January 13, 2021), post totals (since 2006) are:

James: 297
Aaron: 3022

* As always, Aaron is the Quantity, James is the Quality.

Posts/Pages (Views)

Home Page/Archives: 1945
Kula Shaker – Kollected: The Best Of Kula Shaker: 107
From The Early Morning: 66
A Birthday, A Quarantine, Some Tunes: 58
Five Sex-Like Album Titles: 56
Big Green Tractor Raining Down On 6th Avenue: 48
We Love You 3000: 39
Roots – Things Fall Apart: 36
Goal For 2024: 35
Life’s A Beach: 34

* An interesting mix of old and new posts, some I’d forgotten about – though let’s be fair, after 14 years doing this, that’s only natural. And hey, are there that many Kula Shaker fans still out there?


Canada: 2842
United States: 2341
United Kingdom: 1363
Germany: 335
Australia: 183
New Zealand: 169
Netherlands: 86
Nigeria: 82
Phillipines: 68
United Arab Emirates: 54

* I am always pleasantly surprised to see places like Nigeria, the Phillipines or the UAE on stats like this, as I don’t know anyone (that I’m aware of) in those places. No matter, hello to all, no matter where you are!


In Sum

Well, that was interesting, if not all that instructive (probably). Last year we had more Views and Visitors on far fewer posts, but these are the results of me just continually throwing shiat at the wall and seeing what sticks. Or maybe it’s all completely random, and maybe (likely) none of it matters. It’s all numbers! Lots of them! 

Thank you so much to all of our Dear Readers, wherever you are in the world, however often you check in to this wee corner of the internets. Without you, Aaron would just be gibbering into the void by himself and James, well, James would just be doing awesome James things and that’d be all cool. 

Cheers, all!

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  1. 305 posts in a year is still quite impressive. I’d do more myself, but as a college student, I can only limit myself to 1-2 posts per week!


    • Thanks! I looked back and 2014 was out most prolific year at 571 posts. No idea what happened there – blogging diarrhea! I’ve also gone through stretches of not posting at all, sometimes months, so it evens out, usually. Generally whenever I forget to make time for it, other things take over and I write less. Imagine that. I’ve got a pretty good system now, having been in the house so long. Workout, write, help the kids, keep the house, eventually crash. All good.

      Liked by 1 person

      • 571 posts in a year? That’s nuts! Oddly enough my parents were telling me to quit blogging for a bit to focus on school until I have break, but then I’d lose followers. Also, the more I write, the better I get. 2020 seemed like a good year for blogging for sure! I was going to ask if you’d ever want to go back to work part-time, but then I remembered your wife goes to work (health care, I believe), so you have to watch your kids yeah?


        • Yeah I dunno what happened, but WP says 571 that year. Probably about 6 of them were good (from me).

          I’d say blogging’s an outlet, a hobby. And writing’s a passion for you, so you’re right, keep practicing. It needn’t take up much of your day or get in the way of priorities, but if you make the time you’ll have the time. I’m living proof of that! So watch a few less YT videos and write a post instead!

          I would go back to work, sure, but as you said, I’m still Mr. Mom. They come first, always. My lovely wife is an intensive case manager, a therapist, in mental health in a hospital.

          Liked by 1 person

          • So the rest were from James? I keep on forgetting that you and James run the site together, so I always worry about who I’m talking to because I don’t want to call you Aaron if you’re James, if that makes sense?

            Yeah, I need to cut back on youtube and my parents do have a point…it’s my last semester of school, so now is the time I need to focus on graduating! I have free time, so it’s just a matter of what I use that free time for. Yes you are living proof for that indeed!

            On the positive, you get to spend time with your kids. Oh ok intensive case manager in a mental health hospital is her position? My apologies for getting her job wrong, I knew she did something in the health field, but I couldn’t remember exactly what is was.


            • No worries, the site has been (mostly) me for a long while. James will still post occasionally, and it’s always gold when he does. You can tell who it is by the category, Posts By Aaron or Posts By James. Or by how well-written it is . James will be the better ones!

              You’re so close to graduation, you can do it! And yeah, time with the kids is the best. Soon they’ll be surly teenagers and I won’t know anything ha!

              Yup, my lovely wife is a therapist. It’s why I’m so well adjusted, right? Right. 😉

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              • Oh there are categories?!?! I was not aware of that, thanks for pointing that out. I guess also since you talk about what you’re doing on Mike’s show, I knew the Beatles posts was you!

                Thanks for your kind words Aaron! I don’t what it was like for you when you were a teenager, but I’m sure there was no Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter back then lol!

                Ah you’ve got a keeper! I wanted to be a therapist too before I went into writing, but then I realized I had a fear of people, so I thought better express myself in a different way haha!


                • Yeah, in the right sidebar there are all our Archives, our two categories (James and me), other things you might find helpful like a search bar, links to other blogs, tags…

                  I grew up in a town of 300 people. We got cable TV when I was 15, before that we had 3 channels. We always had a rotary phone. There were no cellphones. I didn’t have my own computer with internet connection until I was about 22-23. Different than now? Yeah.

                  She’s a keeper for every reason in the world. As a therapist for the past 20 years, she’s done a ton of good work, in several settings (including a max prison). A fear of people would make it difficult to help others, but I’d wager the training would help you overcome that, do the job.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Oh wow I didn’t even notice the archives and categories sections on your blog. Thanks for pointing that out! I read everyone’s blog through the WordPress reader, so I don’t look at the blogs themselves too often.

                    Only three channels? And rotary phone with that spinning thing that you have to use to dial the numbers? Interesting! I saw one of those phones on ‘The Outsiders’ and always wondered how it worked!

                    Woah in a prison too? That’s incredible! I’m glad your wife enjoys being a therapist and is helping those in need (good mental health is very important). Luckily, my fear of people has died down over the years. I’ve learned that not everyone will like you, but that’s ok. I shouldn’t let one negative experience put me down and have it ruin my chances of making new friends.


                    • Yup the Archives can be helpful, but if there’s a band you want, the Tag Cloud (which is alphavetical) would be helpful. The Search bar is good too, for band or album title (or any key word).

                      Yep, 3 channels. And yes, the phone had the spinning thing! My folks still have that, still hooked up, though they do also have a cordless phone as well. I guess we’re Outsiders!

                      Yes, a max security prison/psychiatric hospital. Interesting, dangerous times. Good mental health is so important that most folks overlook it. Wild. And that whole last bit you wrote about negative experinces was absolutely spot on.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Oh yeah I saw those tags, but I had no idea about the archives. I saw Metallica was on there..woohoo!

                      Three channels dang, TV has come a long way. So have phones!

                      I can see how therapy would be good for those in prison because they’re human too and they deserve care. I’ve always believed that everyone has a story and they shouldn’t be judged for it. Thanks so much!


                    • Yeah, I have all the Metallica albums (plus a bunch of other stuff). Have I covered it all, yet? Ha, who knows?

                      Well, we sometimes got a 4th channel if there was a particularly good snow storm with high winds, but even it wasn’t very good (content-wise). You can see how I happily lived without a TV for 20 years.

                      You nailed it about everyone having a story. Some say it’s not worth trying to talk to folks who committed federal offenses, they’re in jail forever so just leave them. But they’re still people, and quality of life can be improved by skilled folks who know how to listen and help. Still, it’s fortunate she has been community-based for the past 15 years, that’s much safer overall.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Woah you even have Live Sh*t: Binge and Purge!

                      My 10 year old self wouldn’t have gone a day without TV haha! I salute you for doing fine without a TV for 20 years.

                      Absolutely! There’s also people that were wrongfully accused of their crimes, in that case, it’s good to hear their side of the story. Then there’s people that use their time in prison to seek redemption and to improve themselves like you said. Community-based, true!


                    • Yeah LS:B&P is here too. Been ages since I played it, but I remember it kicking ass!

                      Well, we had a TV when I was a kid (but only three channels). I lived without one from first year university until a couple of years ago, when I bought one so the kids could see stuff. Even that only has Netflix and Disney+ on it, no actual cable TV.

                      All true, except she wasn’t deciding anyone’s fate, per se, in the prison. She was there on the psychiatric end of things, working through things with (usually medicated) folks who were suffering with one serious form of mental illness or another. Now, community-based, she still gets the more intensive cases, but at least the threat of violence is lower.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • I’ve heard a few of the recordings on there and I liked them.

                      Wait, so you don’t watch the news then? How do you find out about current events and what’s happening in the world?

                      Oh no of course not! I never thought she’d be deciding anyone’s fate. So she decides which medicine would be best to treat their mental illness?


                    • Yeah the TX stuff on LS: B&P is awesome! News? The internet. My lovely wife doesn’t decide medications: they are either on meds already or she refers to a psychiatrist for that.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Oh ok so prescribing medication is not part of her job. I know psychiatry requires a lot of school.


                    • Yup, a psychiatrist is a doctor. My lovely wife has her Masters.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Oh so she does have her masters! I was going to ask about the degree she has, but I didn’t want to risk the question being too personal. So thank you!


                    • You’ll make a good reporter, good instincts, and you ask tons of questions. That’s the gig. Yup, a double BA and an MA, she’s a smart lady (way smarter than me). Always was, all through school.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Aww, thanks so much Aaron! I guess that’s a good thing I’m into communication and journalism lol! Yeah I’ve always been a curious individual; I’ve had to learn which questions are appropriate to ask and which ones to keep to myself. Woah, that’s about eight years of school yeah? I salute your wife for having the motivation to stay in school that long for a good education!


                    • Yup it’s an inborn skill of the best writers to be inquisitive. Glad you learn which ones are OK to ask LOL. Yeah, she had 7 years post-secondary, almost all A’s too. She’s a very smart lady!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Yeah it took me half my life to figure that out lol! I’m so jealous your wife got mostly A’s! I made the mistake of taking Calculus in my freshman year of college, so that did not help my GPA at all!


                    • Calculus! Well there was your first mistake! 😉 Yeah she got great grades all the way through school from Kindergarten on up. Made it look easy but I know she worked hard.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Yeah, I got overconfident because I passed my math placement test, so I thought I could take a harder math level. I barely passed with a C. It is definitely not easy to get A’s and for your wife’s degree, I salute her! I’m guessing she didn’t party much like you?


                    • A ‘C’ in calculus is great by me, I’d have had an ‘F’! And no she doesn’t party much either, though neither of us is opposed to being social and having a good night out with friends.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Yeah a C is decent, if it was a D, I would’ve had to take another semester of math, so I got lucky. A night out with friends is cool. I remember you saying on Mike’s livestream that you don’t drink right?


                    • Yeah I’ve not had a drink in about five years, no big deal.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Good for you! I used to enjoy drinking, but I don’t find the need to anymore.


  2. I’d post my stats but WordPress doesn’t do negative numbers.

    Liked by 1 person

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