My Fallible System Is Bluesbreaking My Mind, But The Real Culprit Is My Terrible Memory

Do you ever drive yourself crazy? Well, I drive myself crazy a lot.

I was jonesing for some John Mayall & The Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton (as you do). You know, the Beano album. I needed that guitar sound in my ears (as you do). 

But I checked my MP3 folder, and I didn’t have it. Huh. So, I checked my .txt list and I didn’t have it, which was odd to me. I was sure I did have it here. So, knowing I wanted an actual copy, I ordered it from Mike’s old store for $5.99, because that’s a bloody great deal. I also played it, intermittently, on YouTube while I waited for it to arrive.

It arrived. I ripped it to MP3 for the collection, then I stuck the CD in the player and heard those sweet, sweet sounds again, and my craving was fully sated.

Then I went to put the CD in the shelves… and there sat a copy of the album already. 


One good thing about my going through everything here, I suppose, is that I can update my list, in real time, as I go. But it’ll be years (at my current rate) before I get to ‘M,’ so all this experience does is point out that my system is fallible. Whenever it arrived here, I didn’t add it to my .txt list, and I didn’t rip it to MP3. 

I also never got off my ass and checked the shelves for the disc, despite being sure I had it. As you’d imagine a person would do.


I guess now I have a copy for the house and a copy for the car, so that’s a win! 


25 thoughts on “My Fallible System Is Bluesbreaking My Mind, But The Real Culprit Is My Terrible Memory

  1. jprobichaud says:

    Haha. That’s hilarious! I haven’t done it with music yet but I once bought a second DVD copy of “Stand by me” because I had forgotten that I had already bought it.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      It’ll happen with music, dude, it’ll happen! 😉

      The whole reason I started my .txt list was because I knew I need to avoid going to Taranna and standing there saying ‘hey I want this record… do I already have it? I dunno..’. and then buying it and finding out I already had it at home.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. jprobichaud says:

        Haha. I hope it doesn’t happen but I’m getting older so you never know! However, I did start in with keeping a list of my records on both my blog and early on so hopefully, I should be okay.


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