Beethoven – 9 Symphonies

LP set
CD set

And now we come to the 1963 motherload. All 9 symphonies. Deutsche Grammophon. Herbert Von Karajan. The Berliner Philharmoniker. Oh yes.

Sure, it’s the second time this cycle was recorded, and not the last, but it’s the one I choose for play every time. Read about it all HERE.


I own the 8LP boxed set.
My lovely wife owns the 5CD boxed set.

This collection contains whole worlds of music: powerful, confident, and beautiful unto themselves. You don’t need me to tell you about how any of it sounds, it’s all in the first lines of this post, and you know all this music anyway.

Did I listen to all 9 symphonies for this series? Hell yes I did. Do I play this often? Hell yes I do. Should you have this in your collection? Hell yes you should.



YouTube provides a true public service by offering the whole set, in 38 videos, here:

2 thoughts on “Beethoven – 9 Symphonies

  1. stephen1001 says:

    There’s a great event in Kingston every June, The ‘Beat Beethoven’ 8K run.
    The Kingston Symphony plays one of the symphonies in its entirety (or selections from a couple, to end up at around 50 minutes) – and runners have to try to ‘Beat’ Beethoven & get to the finish before the music ends.
    Some years I like to run – but most I prefer just being down there listening to the symphony!


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