Geoff Berner With Wayne Adams And Diona Davies – Whiskey Rabbi

Point Of Order: I do not own Live In Oslo, the album that came before this next one. I wish I did. I checked Discogs and it isn’t even available. It’s a Grail List item for me. Man, I’d love to have one!


Make way for the Whiskey Rabbi, the next album of brilliance from Geoff Berner. Joined this time (in by-line too) by the equally talented Wayne Adams (percussion, vocals) and Diona Davies (violin, vocals), these are ten more songs you straight up need to hear. 

The title track, Lucky God Damn Jew, Song Written In A Romanian Hospital, Drunk All Day, Unlistenable Song, The True Enemy, And Promises To Break Before I Sleep, The Traveller’s Curse, The Violins – Al Kmanjaat, and there’s even a welcome return of the Volcano God. 

I met Geoff and Diona one time (and Carolyn Mark), at a Geoff Berner/Carolyn Mark show in 2007. That was an incredible night. You should READ ABOUT IT HERE. 

Anyway, Whiskey Rabbi. Get it in yer ears.


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