Geoff Berner – Klezmer Mongrels

It seems I am always learning new things. For this post, I learned that this album is the third in a planned klezmer trilogy (along with Whiskey Rabbi and The Wedding Dance Of The Widow Bride).

It’s no surprise that this album (with Wayne Adams and Diona Davies) continues Berner’s incisive, dark (but with a grin) discography of tunes, klezmer filtered through punk, folk, culture and tradition that yet looks forward. He writes about loneliness, drinking, and political issues. His cover of Kris Demeanor’s One Shoe talks about the Saskatoon police department’s abuse of aboriginals, and so on.

In the same year as this album’s release, Berner and Bob Wiseman were given the key to the city of Bruno, Saskatchewan.


Tracks: Shut In / Luck In Exile / The Whiskey / Half German Girlfriend / King Of The Gangsters / No Tobacco / Play, Gypsy, Play / Authentic Klezmer Wedding Band / One Shoe / High Ground / Fukher






4 thoughts on “Geoff Berner – Klezmer Mongrels

  1. J. says:

    Another that I have, but I don’t think I have listened to it (I have a lot of music I can say that about, though I am attempting to get through them).


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