Geoff Berner – Festival Man

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I have already covered this combination of items, in 2015, HERE. There are pictures and you get the full story. Go now, I’ll wait!



James is awesome.
My limited-run LP copy is signed by Geoff Berner.
The novel is also awesome. 


I’d need to re-read the novel again before covering it here (I’ll do that, for you, Dear KMA Reader). 

The LP contains brilliant covers of Berner’s songs, as played by a long list of genuine Canadian artists:

Side A

Kaizers Orchestra – Whiskey Rabbi
e.s.l. – Liar’s Bridge
Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans – That’s What Keeps The Rent Down
Carolyn Mark and her New Best Friends – Prairie Wind
Orchid Ensemble – Victory Party Variations

Side B

Rot Front – This Authentic Klezmer Wedding Band Is For Hire
Dave Lang – Phoney Drawl
Kris Demeanor and Cutest Kitten Ever – The Rich Will Move To The High Ground
Rae Spoon – Unlistenable Song
Real Ones – Light Enough To Travel

Check some of it out here!


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