Geoff Berner – We Are Going To Bremen To Be Musicians

“We are on our way to Bremen
That’s where we’re going to be musicians.
People say we’re too used up to be allowed to live,
But we’ve still got a caravan of fucks to give. 

And so we’re on our way
We’ll speak of Death another day,
Let’s have a sacred feast
With what we’ve stolen from the thieves.“

The brilliance continues on this beautiful, well-crafted, engaging album. We get another song title I love, “Don’t Feel So Mad At God When I See You In Your Summer Dress.” Other favourite tunes include Swing A Chicken Three Times Over Your Head, When DD GEts Her Donkey Everything Will Be Alright (I might have a 7″ of this one…), and Condos, among all the other greatness. And we even get a guest appearance by Joe Keithly on Condos, too. 

Here, some kind soul posted the whole album! Try it, then go buy it!


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