Geoff Berner – Canadiana Grotesquica

Point Of Order: This is the last Geoff Berner in my collection here, at the moment. He does have a newer one yet, Grand Hotel Cosmopolis, which is on my To Get list, top priority!


“His newest album Canadiana Grotesquica pokes gentle fun at society by featuring topics such as a Vancouver Canucks’ enforcer and singers who fake southern accents. Despite the fun, there is a deeper message to his work, he told CBC host of North by Northwest Sheryl MacKay. “It’s a silly title but there is a point to it,” Berner said. “The grotesque, I’m told, means something that has been yanked up from the grotto, it’s a word from early archeology.” He said it was a fitting name because a lot of the songs on the album had been “hauled up” from the past. “These are songs that kind of popped out of me when I was doing my … punk records,” Berner said. “Every once in awhile, something would just happen and I would write a song and it would not work in that context.”” (CBC)

I, for one, am very happy that Geoff collected these songs and put them onto an album. That some of them might have a bit more of a country feel – let’s be real, here, it still sounds like Geoff – is a bonus, a sign of growth, exploration, and change. His humour and incisive commentary are fully intact, as well. 

So many great musicians on here, and excellent vocal appearances too. I mean, Wayne Adams and Diona Davies are stalwarts, at this point, but adding Frazey Ford (Be Good Tanyas), Ford Pier and (my fave) Carolyn Mark? Hot damn.  What’s more, My Heart Is A Piece Of Garbage… is a Rae Spoon song, as well…  I could play this album any time, anywhere. Awesome stuff.


Artists Involved: Wayne Adams, Diona Davies, Frazey Ford*, Carolyn Mark**, Ford Pier, Paul Rigby, Keith Rose.

Tracks: The Ghost Of Terry Fox (Is Looking Down On Me Tonite) / Hustle Advisory* / Super Subtle Folk Song / Prairie Wind / Phoney Drawl / Trick You / Don’t Play Cards For Money With Corby Lund / Gino Odjick / My Heart Is A Piece Of Garbage, Fight Seagulls! Fight! / Rule Of The Road (With Apologies To Country Dick Montana)**

Check out the album here, then go buy it!


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