Barney Bentall And The Legendary Hearts – Livin’ In The 90s

I took this shite photie because the internet didn’t have one.

This two-track single is intriguing. Musically, it’s just the title track as a radio version (4:15) and the album version (5:03). Typical stuff. It’s a great track, though. 

But the intriguing part comes with the fact that Discogs doesn’t list it at all, and neither does anywhere I else I quickly tried to find it. Yet it is a Sony Music/Epic release CDNK 711. I looked that up on Discogs, and it coughed up precisely one hit: a 2CD bonus edition of Living Colour’s 1992 album called Stain. Which is interesting because Discogs lists a bunch of other Sony/Epic numbers for that release, but not once does that page mention this number I have here. Hm. Discogs listing error, probably.

Anyway, this single has proper band photo artwork in a full jewel case with insert card (with printed lyrics of the track) and artwork on the tray liner. Nowhere on this thing does it mention it’s a promo (which it clearly is) except in the very small print on the right hand side of the CD itself where it says, once and with no fanfare amongst the rest of the legalese and such, “Not For Sale.” The rest of it looks like an official single release, nothing promo about the item number or paperwork at all.

Ain’t life strange… oh, wait a minute, that was the excellent album I covered yesterday…

Whatever this single is, this is a great track. Here are the radio and album versions (respectively). Enjoy!


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